JDB 148: How to Create a Lead Magnet for Your Website

Lead Magnet JDBlogger


In this episode Marc Cerniglia of Spotlight Branding and I discuss why you need a lead magnet for your website, how to create one, and what you can do with the email addresses once you have them collected.

I have been dabbling in email marketing in connection with my law practice for about 3 years now but really haven’t given it the attention it needs to really take off. Technology has really taken off in this area with a new company called ConvertKit (affiliate). I had been using Aweber for a number of years to build an email list and send out the periodic email blast but nothing too sophisticated.

My team at my office are now in the process of taking the sophisticated tools in ConvertKit to not only follow up on leads but to create a series of email drip systems that help my law firm to stay top of mind when it comes to my practice area.

In the near future I will be doing a podcast episode on email marketing and ways that it can benefit a law firm.  If you are interested I recommend that you check out ConvertKit and how it can be implemented in your law practice.


JDB 147: Systems, Leads, and Building a Better Law Business


This past week my firm business manager and I went to the Attorney Bootcamp put on by Richard James. I had the chance to interview Richard James back in episode 143 were we discussed the value of having systems in your law practice. The Attorney Bootcamp went into a lot of details as to what type of systems were necessary and how they could help you not only be more efficient but significantly increase your firm’s annual revenues.

During the conference Richard had attorneys who were clients of his stand and share some of the success they were achieving and the results these attorneys were getting were really inspiring. I took a lot away from this conference and in this episode I share with you three of biggest take aways for me and my firm:

#1 – Systems

Based upon the model that Richard presented my firm management and I spent a few hours in a meeting together going through our entire client lifecycle.  Asking ourselves questions about where our leads were coming from, evaluating what systems we have in place once a lead contacts the office, what we are doing to close on the lead, and what do we do to follow up if they don’t hire at the initial consultation.

#2 – Paid Leads

Here on the podcast I mainly present ways to build a client base with out having to pay thousands of dollars each month on advertising and lead generation.  After attending the conference I still hold the position that content marketing should be the center of all client generation systems, however I did come to the opinion that I have been missing out on opportunities by not devoting more resources to paid advertising.  The important thing those is to know which paid advertising campaigns are effective and which are not – and then once you know what works, pump the resources into that channel.

#3- Referrals

Attorneys at the conference shared great information on how they were cultivating referrals from their current clients.  I am terrible at this aspect of marketing.  And by being terrible at it I am leaving a lot of money on the table. In our meeting my business manager and I put together the framework on how to get more referrals from current clients as well as how to create an attorney referral network that will result in many more referrals than we receive now.

Resources Mentioned in this Show

    • The 10X Rule – book by Grant Cardone.

JDB 146: Mentors, Masterminds, and the JDBlogger Facebook Group

Too often I have found myself running my law firm business through trial and error.  I would throw money at one form of advertising, invest a lot of time in another, only to find that certain things simply did not work.

In this episode I discuss the benefits of having a mentor and taking things to the next level through participation in a mastermind group. Recently, I started a private Facebook group exclusively for listeners to the JDBlogger Podcast. So far it has been a success with members reaching out and helping each other with everything marketing strategy to recommendations on website development companies.

Join the Facebook Group Exclusively for Listeners to the JDBlogger Podcast

If you are interest in joining the JDBlogger Facebook Group click HERE for admission.

JDB 145: Now is the Time to Prepare for the New Year

I usually wrap up each year by releasing a podcast episode in the last week of December going over what I hope to accomplish in the New Year. This year I am starting a little early.

2016 has been a year of growth for my law practice. I hired my first associate attorney and brought on an office manager to help me with the administration of my law firm. I have also seen a record high for revenue coming into the office, and yet I still feel like there is a bump in the road that I can’t seem to get over.

In this episode I share with you my thoughts on auditing a law practice to determine what you need to do to continue to move your business forward and how I intend to improve in three areas – Goals, Systems, and Team Members.

JDB 144: Why You Should Build a Great Brand Before Anything Else

What is your law firm’s brand?  What does that even mean? In this episode Marc Cerniglia and I discuss what a law firm brand is and why it is so vital to your success.

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