JDB 062: 5 Strategies to Jump-Start Traffic to Your Law Firm Website

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Let's Do This - JDBloggerOver the last few months I have noticed that while the traffic to my law firm website wasn’t going down it also wasn’t growing a whole lot.  I have felt like I have  hit a plateau with the site and in hoping to solve this issue I have been researching different ways to punch through this ceiling and continue to grow the website.

In this episode I provide five (5) strategies that I am implementing to keep my site growing and clients rolling in.  I think the tips I share are equally applicable to any of you who may be starting a new firm or launching a new site and are looking for ways to build traffic.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode of the JDBlogger Podcast

Tools of the Trade

This week’s Tool of the Trade is Hellobar.com .  Building an email list is essential to building a great law practice and this tool will help you do that.  In an upcoming episode of the JDBlogger Podcast I will be digging deeper in the how and why of building an email list.

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John Skiba Featured on The Law Podcasting Podcast

John Skiba on the Law Podcasting PodcastI had the great pleasure of being interviewed on The Law Podcasting Podcast, hosted by Gordon Firemark.  Gordon is an entertainment law attorney in California and recently started this podcast to encourage and assist lawyer in getting involved in podcasting as a way to promote their law practice.  Gordon is also getting ready to launch great course to help attorneys get up in running in podcast called “Power Podcasting for Lawyers“.

If you are undecided about the benefits of starting a podcast this is a great episode for you.  Gordon and I discuss the benefits of podcasting as well as some of the hurdles that might have you thinking twice about jumping into this area of marketing.

My interview with Gordon is now live and can be accessed by clicking HERE.

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Gordon Firemark was a guest on the JDBlogger Podcast back in January 2013.  The title of the episode of “Podcaster to the Stars.  Interview with Entertainment Lawyer Gordon Firemark”.

JDB 061: How to Use Webinars to Become the “Go-To” Lawyer

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Webinars for law firmsThe premise behind content marketing – whether it be blogging, video, or podcasting, is to demonstrate your expertise and provide potential clients with information that is not only helpful but separates you from the crowd as an authority in your area of the law.  Most of the platforms we as lawyers use to market our firm are geared towards brevity.  Twitter limits you to 140 characters and most blog posts are 300-500 words.  While these platforms give potential clients a glimpse into how you can help them there isn’t much room to wax poetic.

Enter the webinar.  I have recently begun using webinars as a way to enlarge the platform I have to provide clients with legal information.  Webinars allow you to hold online conferences with unlimited number of attendees.  Further, you can record them and allow clients to access them at a later time period when it may be more convenient.

In this episode I go over the tools I use to put together my webinars, how I choose topics, the actual recording of the webinar, and how I advertise it.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Tool of the Trade

I think it is important to have your law firm social media pages have a professional appearance.  I actually went out and had a graphic designer create custom graphics that I could use as cover photos for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  The other day I stumbled upon a free online program that helps you create custom cover photos and graphics that are specifically made to fit your social media cover art space.   The website is called Canva.  Head on over and check it out.  I would be interested to see what you create!

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JDB 060: How to Quickly Create Youtube Videos to Market Your Law Practice

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Youtube law firm marketing lawyerBlogging?  Sure.  Podcasting? Why not.  Video?  Ugh…  that used to be my attitude when it came to tackling video to market my solo law practice.

This year I decided that I needed to make a commitment to start using video in my overall marketing strategy.  While I am not typically a big consumer of video myself I am clearly in the minority on this.  And I have found that the more video I create the greater the response and the higher my retention rate.

The biggest obstacles to using video are the time involved, the technology, and becoming comfortable in front of the camera.  In this week’s episode of the podcast I go over in detail my workflow in putting together short, informative Youtube videos and you can do the same thing without a huge investment of time or money.

Skiba Law Group Youtube Channel – Example Video – Click HERE to Access the Channel




Resources Mentioned in Today’s Podcast

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Canon Video Camera:

Sennheiser G3 Microphones:

JDB 059: The Power of Starting Something Stupid with Author Richie Norton

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Richie NortonThings have been a bit hectic this week – couple of trials and my legal assistant out on vacation (I know, good planing on my part!).  And because of that I thought I would bring back one of my favorite interviews from 2013 – my interview with author/speaker Richie Norton.  This interview was initially released in March 2013, right after Richie had just released his new book “The Power of Starting Something Stupid“.

I thought the book and interview with Richie was perfect for the solo entrepreneurial-minded lawyer.  Too often lawyers fall into the same mold of every other lawyer around them.  Richie’s book can give you the motivation to think about taking a different path and examples of how those who do often set the trends in an industry.

Power Starting Something_cover

Richie’s book has a lot of great take-aways, but here is one of my favorite quotes from page 11 –

“People wait until…until…until…They wait, and they wait, and they wait, until that fateful day when they wake up and realize that while they were sitting around, paying dues, earning their keep, waiting for that elusive “perfect time,” their entire life has based them by…Their is no greater time than now to start moving toward achieving your goals.  Don’t wait. Start stuff.”