JDB 097: The Role of Entrepreneurship in Law Practice

Lawyer Entrepreneur JDBlogger

Being a lawyer can be really difficult and really stressful.  For solo and small firm lawyers the load can be particularly heavy due to the many demands on your time and resources.  These demands leave many lawyers asking themselves if this is really worth it and too often it leads attorneys out of the practice of law altogether.

In this episode of the JDBlogger Podcast I discuss ways to incorporate your skills and passions into your law practice as way to only grow your bottom line but inject some life and personality into your law firm that will make it a more enjoyable place to work and may even open opportunities that you may not have anticipated.

I discuss four case studies on attorneys who have dared to do things differently and reaped both monetary and non-monetary rewards:

Gerry Oginski – New York Medical Malpractice Attorney – Lawyers Video Studio

Back in 2006 Gerry started make short videos about his practice area and uploading them to YouTube.  Fast forward to 2016 and Gerry has created more than 2,000 videos that have generated more than $7 million in settlements for his law practice and further has lead to the creation of the Lawyers Video Studio, a company where Gerry helps  other lawyers with their video marketing.

Daniel Spencer and Shantelle Argyle – Utah Attorneys – Open Legal Services

Soon after graduating from law school Daniel and Shantelle decided to open their own law firm with the goal of serving those who earned too much money to qualify for legal aid but not enough money to pay the full hourly rate.  Despite the naysayers they launched Open Legal Services, a non-profit law firm.  In two years they have grown the firm from two lawyers to six.  Their story is an inspirational one of two attorneys who went forward and made their idea a profitable reality even when others said it wouldn’t work.

Bryan Wilson “The Texas Law Hawk” – Texas Criminal Defense Attorney – Super Bowl Commercial

Bryan Wilson has gone from having two viral YouTube videos to appearing in the Taco Bell Super Bowl commercial to a world wide audience.

Michael Whelan – Texas  Family Law Attorney – Lawyer Forward Conference

Mike is always pushing the envelope and searching for new and creative ways to deliver legal services and educate lawyers on creating a law practice that they actually enjoy going to each day.  He is also the founder of the annual Lawyer Forward Conference based in Austin, Texas where lawyers get exposed to a new type of CLE and innovations in law practice.

JDB 096: How to Take Your Content Creation Offline

How to Take Law Firm Content Marketing Offline with JDBlogger

Content creation for law firms is often thought of in terms of blog articles, videos, and even podcasting.  However some of the most effective content creation I have done is for my law practice has been the content I created for use in handouts and other documents that are used as part of my consultation process.

In this episode I discuss the value in taking your content creation offline and give you several ideas on what types of things you can create that will set you apart from other law offices and help you close the deal even after the potential client leaves your office.

Resources Discussed in this Episode

Moo – Custom Business Cards, Flyers, Letterhead, and Handouts 

Advantage Media – Create Your Own Book

JDBlogger Interview with John Fisher, Esq. – Using a Book to Market Your Practice

Download the Skiba Law Group Litigation Flow Chart – Click Here

Do You Practice Bankruptcy Law?  Do You Need Help with Creating Content for Your Blog?

JDBlogger Blogging for bankruptcy lawyersThe other day I met with a fellow bankruptcy attorney here in Arizona and he said that he would really like to build a blog that converts but that there was just one problem – he hates blogging!   I know there are a lot of attorneys in the same boat and that is why I have decided to offer (on a limited basis) to help you out with building your bankruptcy blog.  If you practice in the area of bankruptcy law and would like some assistance jump starting your blog email me at john@jdblogger.com and we can put together a game plan to make your bankruptcy blog not only informative, but valuable.


JDB 095: Three Ways Attending a Conference Will Benefit Your Law Practice

Conferences JDBlogger

When it comes to completing our annual CLE requirement many lawyers take what we might call a “passive” learning approach to getting the required hours.  You scour the internet for the cheapest video course you can find on any random legal topic, hit play, and go back to your real work.  You get to check the box that your CLE hours are completed but did you really get anything out of it that can benefit your law practice?

In this episode of the podcast I discuss three reasons why you should consider revising your approach to continuing education and start attending both legal and non-legal conferences.  Sure there is more expense involved in traveling out of town or state to attend a conference, but as I discuss on the show the benefits can really help you stand out in a crowded legal niche and may point your law practice in a direction that you may not have considered.

Here are a few of the conferences I have attended or will be attending in the near future:

Law Related Conferences

Non-Law Related Conferences

JDB 094: How to Create Ebooks, Guides, and Long-Form Content out of Blog Articles

Ebook JDBlogger

As my blog has matured as frankly as the internet has matured it appears that long-form content is being given preference by Google and the other search engines.  On today’s episode I discuss not only why you should create long-form content but how you can do so easily out of the articles you are already writing for your blog.

I also discuss the process of turning your blog articles into ebooks and the mechanism for distributing to them to both clients and new potentials and how you can sign them up for email list for future marketing opportunities.

Resources mentioned on this episode:

Digioh + Aweber


Lawyer Forward Conference 2016


JDB 093: Client Intake, Work Flow, Tactics & Tools

attorney work flow jdblogger

Much of what I do in my practice is focused on getting the phone to ring.  This is especially true for me because I have a consumer practice that requires I have steady stream of new clients.

But once the clients make the decision to hire, what kind of experience do they have?

Customer service can be a powerful motivation for your current clients to refer you to the family and friends. The opposite is also true.  If your clients don’t feel like they are being treated well – even if you obtain a great result – they will not only not refer work to you but in today’s online world can cause real damage to your law practice for years to come with a bad review.

With that in mind I have been in the process of implementing processes into my practice that help me to handle large numbers of clients and provide great customer service that will have clients raving about my firm.

Here are some of the resources mentioned in this episode:


Lexicata is a cloud-based online client intake tool that allows you to not only schedule your consultations with potential clients, but also allows you to set up an email drip system to  send the client reminders and thank you emails, as wells custom forms and representation agreements.  I am just starting to use this but so far it seems to be a really useful tool.  I will do a full review on it later on.

Call Ruby

Ruby Receptionists is an online virtual reception company that can assist you with answering your phones.  They are a sponsor of the podcast, but even prior to that I used them for about two years to answer my phones.  I am currently in the process of going back to Ruby to help with overflow calls that my current receptionist can’t take due to volume.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is an online scheduling tool that allows your clients to set up their own appointment with you online.  This means less phone calls coming into your office and the freedom to allow your client to schedule to talk with you on a time frame that works for them.



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