JDB 053: The Mindful Lawyer (or how to avoid stress and not hate being a lawyer) – Interview with Jeena Cho

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IMG_0545-2064741317-OWe have all been there.  Waking up in the middle of the night – in a cold sweat that we have missed some sort of deadline.  Or how about the opposing attorney who you can’t stand – who insists on making your life pure misery every time you have any interaction with him.  Not to mention the long hours, demanding clients, and then there’s the state bar…  These are the joys of being a lawyer.  And if you are not careful you just may wake up one morning and think “I can’t do this another day”.

But then the realities of student loans, bills, and all the other pressures of life weigh in and you just feel trapped…okay, enough about my life :)…in today’s episode of the JDBlogger Podcast I had the pleasure of interviewing Jeena Cho.  Ms. Cho is a bankruptcy attorney in San Francisco at the J.C. Law Group, P.C. where she practices with her husband Jeff.  Jeena is also in the process of writing a book for the American Bar Association on Mindfulness – or how to deal with the stresses of law practice and make your work life if not enjoyable, at least tolerable.

Tool of the Trade

I have mentioned quite a bit lately that I have started posting short videos on my website as an additional way of connecting with potential clients.  The feedback has been great but it still doesn’t make it any easier to produce the video.  To help make the process a little easier I have been looking into purchasing a teleprompter.  I found out quickly that these can get real pricey real quick.

However I found a teleprompter that works with an iPad or any Android tablet made by InteractMedia that works very well and was a real bargain at $159.00.  In today’s episode I discuss how it works and how you can use it to not only reduce your time involved in producing videos but increase the overall quality of the videos.

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JDB 052: Is Content Marketing Right for Every Lawyer?

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Content Marketing JDBloggerThis past week I had the opportunity to speak on content marketing and social media as a way to help bankruptcy lawyers grow their law practice.  It was a great opportunity to meet some great people and to hear what challenges people were facing in marketing their law practice.  I had a few surprises, including how many attorneys attending the conference didn’t even have a website let alone a blog and further how many people were outright hostile to getting involved in social media as a way of building their law firm.

While I believe that every law practice will benefit from content marketing and social media interaction clearly not everyone attorney is willing or even interested in getting on board.  And while I think every attorney should do what they are comfortable with I believe that attorneys are ignoring this to their own peril.  The world is operating online and if you choose to ignore that you are choosing to ignore a huge segment of your community that could be paying clients.

In today’s episode I speak on three takeaways that I learned from the NACBA conference and why they are relevant to your law practice.John Skiba

Tool of the Trade

This week’s Tool of the Trade is nRelate.  nRelate is a great tool for bloggers that automatically populates the bottom of each of your blog posts with other articles that relevant to the topics that your potential clients are looking for – and not only that but it pulls in a thumbnail of the photo you have on each blog post.  Great tool for reducing your website’s bounce rate and keeping visitors handing around your website and reading multiple articles.

JDB 051 – “I Can’t Do This Anymore!” – How to Love Being a Lawyer or Find Your Path Out of the Law

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Marc Luber host of Careers Out ThereI think we have all been there at one time or another in our careers as lawyers – and some of us struggle to drag ourselves into the office every day of the week!  Law is a demanding career.  Long hours. Never ending deadlines.  And lots of stress.  This can often make for an unhappy career – and that is where Marc Luber comes in with his great website J.D. Careers Out There.

I mentioned last week that I am speaking on content marketing at the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys national conference in New York City this week.  Because of this I decided not to record a new episode but to share with the audience one of my favorite episodes from the past.

Since I interviewed Marc about a year ago (episode #20) Marc was honored by the ABA as having the best career website out there.

Marc offers a ton of great information on making your legal career better or if you want out how you can do that without losing it all.

I will catch you next week with a new episode of the JDBlogger Podcast!

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JDB 50: The Big Five-0 and How to Record a Podcast Interview with Skype

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JDBlogger PodcastToday I am excited to release the fiftieth episode of the JDBlogger Podcast and am proud to announce that Ruby Receptionist is the official sponsor of the Podcast.  I started this podcast about 18 months ago with the goal of sharing things I had learned in building my practice and hopefully being able to meet an interview some of the experts who were really doing things right.

I want to thank all 27 people that I have had the chance to interview and thank you the listeners for sticking with me.  I am looking forward to continuing with the weekly podcast and expanding the scope to topics on technology, law firm innovation, and law practice management.


Also, in today’s episode I follow up on the topic from last week – podcasting.  I neglected to discuss some of the technical aspects of setting up and recording interviews on a podcast.  Today I discuss three ways you can record a podcast using Skype:


I have recorded all of my interviews via Skype using the Mix-Minus method.  This one is a little more complicated and requires a mixer and separate audio recorder but allows you more control in making sure the volume of you and your guest or co-host are the same.  If you are planning on using a set-up similar to mine I would recommend spending the $100 Cliff Ravenscraft charges for his course on setting up a recording system for podcast interviews called “Podcaster’s Guide to Recording Co-Hosts, Guests, and Podcast Interviews“.  It wills save you days of aggravation and give you the confidence that it is done right.

ecamm for Mac Computers

If you plan on using Skype on your Mac computer for interviews I would recommend ecamm.  It is a simple download, inexpensive ($29.95) and allows you to record both audio and video in Skype and level out the sound between the participants.

Pamela for Skype

If you will be using Skype on your PC to record your interviews I would recommend Pamela for Skype.  It will do most of the same things ecamm will do.  I would recommend you down load the professional version ($35.76) because the basic and Call Recorder versions only allow for 15 minutes of recording time.

Thanks for listening to the podcast!

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JDB 049: Getting Real About Podcasting – Cost, Equipment, Time & 3 Tips for a Successful Launch

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JDBlogger StudioOver the last month or so I have had a number of you reach out to me and share that you are in the process of putting together a podcast.  I always enjoy hearing from listeners and can’t wait to hear your podcasts when they launch.  Because it seems the podcasting bug is starting to spread I am dedicating this episode to providing you with real facts and information on what type of investment you should plan on up front, what types of equipment you will need, and what you can expect as far as a true time commitment.

Finally, I am going to give you 3 tips to help you make the most of your podcast launch.

The picture above is of the  JDBlogger and Consumer Warrior Podcasts studios – aka my desk:). Below are some affiliate links to the gear and services I use.  Feel free to email me at john@jdblogger.com with any equipment questions.


Shock Mount

Broadcast Boom

Roland Recorder

Behringer Xenys 1002 Mixer

Other Podcasting Resources

Professionally Recorded Intros/Outros and Jingles through Music Radio Creative.

Create Podcast Audio Now

Have custom iTunes Artwork and Facebook Page Artwork designed by JennyHdesign

Libsyn hosts all of your mp3 files.

Podcasting Course with Podcast Answerman Cliff Ravenscraft

If you are really ready to take things to the next level in podcasting consider taking Cliff Ravenscraft’s A to Z course.  Enter my last name “Skiba” as the discount code and you will get $500 off the price of the course.



Tool of the Trade

This week I share a new social media platform that I recently started using called About.me.  You can check out my new profile at About.me/johnskiba.  Kind of a neat simple platform.  I am starting to see some lawyers create pages.  How can you stand out from the firms that are already there?

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