JDB 129: 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Solo Law Practice

When I was thinking of applying to law school I decided to reach out to the few lawyers I knew and get their opinion on the practice of law and any pointers they might have for a wanna-be lawyer.

Looking back I realized that everyone of them lied to me! They glossed over the many difficulties in law practice and magnified the benefits.

In this episode I give you five things that I wish someone would have shared with me prior to starting my own solo law practice.

JDB 128: Gerry Oginski | How to Establish Your Authority through Video

Video marketing is the most underutilized medium in the legal field.  No other platform allows you to connect with potential clients and convert people to your approach before they even step foot in your office.  In this episode I share an interview with New York medical malpractice attorney Gerry Oginski.

Oginski has created over 2,000 videos for his law practice that have been viewed over 1.3 million times. He shares with you his insights and strategies on how to best utilize the powerful tool of video in building your online authority.

JDB 127: Aaron Weiche, Get Five Stars | Build Your Law Firm’s Reputation with Online Reviews

How to Build Your Law Firm's Reputation with Online Reviews

Aaron Weiche JDBloggerMost lawyers have a love / hate relationship when it comes to online reviews and the platforms that provide clients an opportunity to tell the world how you did as their attorney.  Most of us understand that a positive online review can be a big boost to our firm’s image, but the fear of a client ripping us apart is enough to make most to want nothing to do with it.

get five stars jdbloggerIn this episode I interview Aaron Weiche, Chief Marketing Officer for Get Five Stars – a company that helps you get and manage online reviews and feedback for your law practice.  Online reviews were something I had struggled with when it came to my law practice and really didn’t put much effort into soliciting reviews or putting much focus on this area of my firm’s online presence.  In this episode Weiche and I discuss –

  • Why online reviews are so important for your law practice
  • Best practices when it comes to asking clients to review your firm
  • How to handle a negative review
  • Tips and strategies to get clients to leave you an online review – even in practice areas where people really don’t want to publicly declare that they have been dealing with a legal issue.
  • The best platforms where you should be getting client to leave you reviews.
  • What the Net Promoter Score is and how you can implement it into your law practice to get better feedback from clients.

JDB 126: Tools of the Trade | How to Write Better Blog Headlines with KingSumo

I recently read an article at Copyblogger that stated that 8 in 10 people will read a headline but only 2 in 10 will actually take the time to read the headline.  You spend so much time on the substance of your blog articles and yet very few people actually take the time to read them.  This underscores that importance of writing great headlines.

In today’s Tool of the Trade I share the Headlines tools created by KingSumo.  This tool allows you to create and test several headlines for each of your blog posts – and then it automatically pushes the most clicked on title to the forefront to help you gain as much traction as possible.

JDB 125: Stephen Fairley, The Rainmaker Institute | Take Your Law Practice to the Next Level

Take Your Law Practice to the Next Level

Stephen Fairley on JDBloggerIn this episode I interview Stephen Fairley, CEO of The Rainmaker Institute, the nation’s largest law firm marketing company.  Mr. Fairley is the best-selling author of twelve books, is a nationally recognized expert in social marketing, blogging, and internet marketing for lawyers, and has trained over 18,000 lawyers on how to build a better law practice.

Starting a solo law practice can be difficult.  Taking things to the next level and building a business out of your law firm is something that law school certainly didn’t teach you how to do and many lawyers struggle to take that next step.  In this episode of the podcast we discuss:

  • The three stages of law firm development
    • Your Law Firm as a Job
    • Your Law Firm as Practice
    • Your Law Firm as a Business
  • Factors the lead to increased revenues

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