JDB 172: Report – Online Calendaring & Virtual Receptionist

It has been about four months since I made major changes to my way my phones, appointments, and general calendaring are completed. In this episode I report back as to what is working, what isn’t, and whether the change has been good for my law firm.

JDB 171: Tips for Jump Starting a Sinking Law Practice

When you very first thought of starting your own law practice you likely had the thought “what if this doesn’t work? what if I open up shop and the phone doesn’t ring?”

The fear of failure diverts many a lawyer from taking the leap and starting their own practice.

Even when a law practice performs well, there is often an ebb and flow to law practice with some months bringing in huge revenues and others leaving you wondering if you are going to be able to keep the doors open.

In this episode I discuss some of my thoughts of what you should do if you find your self struggling, revenues faltering, and really not knowing what direction you should go.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Clara – A virtual employee that helps you schedule your meetings

Legaler – A tool for lawyers to be more efficient with online meetings.



JDB 170: Building Your Brand with the Sound of Your Voice

Recently I received a message from a law student who wanted to start a podcast but had concerns about how this would be received by potential employers. In this episode I share the why I still think podcasting is a great way to build your brand, expand your network, and become an expert in your practice area.

JDB 169: Ozan Varol | Rocket Scientist, Law Professor, Coach for Overwhelmed Attorneys

I am happy to share you with the first in a series of interviews I conducted of speakers who presented at Avvo’s Lawyernomics conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada. My first guest on the podcast is Ozan Varol. Mr. Varol is a rocket scientist turned award-winning law professor at Lewis & Clark where he teaches in the areas of constitutional law, criminal law and procedure, comparative constitutional law, and Islamic law.

Ozan presentation at Lawyernomics was titled “Get Your Life Back: A Playbook for a Happier, Healthier and More Effective You.” In this episode Ozan shares some of the tips and strategies lawyers can use to gain control over their schedule, reduce stress, and become more productive.

Ozan is the founder of Effective Lawyer, a coaching program designed to help lawyers get their life back.

You can download a free copy of his book “The Effective Lawyer: A Playbook for a Happier, Healthier, and More Effective You” by going to Effective.Lawyer .

JDB 168: Is the Legal Profession in Trouble? (Lawyernomics Day 2)

Day 2 of Lawyernomics is in the books and it was a good one. The day kicked off with presentations from various members of the Avvo leadership team, including Avvo CEO Mark Britton. Avvo gathers huge amounts of data related to law practice and legal consumers and the statistics cited by Briton show a legal profession that is not healthy.

In this episode I share with you my take-aways from today including some of the solutions presented and how you can keep your law practice on track.

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