JDB 125: Stephen Fairley, The Rainmaker Institute | Take Your Law Practice to the Next Level

Take Your Law Practice to the Next Level

Stephen Fairley on JDBloggerIn this episode I interview Stephen Fairley, CEO of The Rainmaker Institute, the nation’s largest law firm marketing company.  Mr. Fairley is the best-selling author of twelve books, is a nationally recognized expert in social marketing, blogging, and internet marketing for lawyers, and has trained over 18,000 lawyers on how to build a better law practice.

Starting a solo law practice can be difficult.  Taking things to the next level and building a business out of your law firm is something that law school certainly didn’t teach you how to do and many lawyers struggle to take that next step.  In this episode of the podcast we discuss:

  • The three stages of law firm development
    • Your Law Firm as a Job
    • Your Law Firm as Practice
    • Your Law Firm as a Business
  • Factors the lead to increased revenues

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JDB 124: Classic JDBlogger | Jacob Sapochnick | Facebook Rockstar

In this episode I bring you a classic episode of the podcast from January 30, 2014 when I interviewed San Diego immigration attorney Jacob Sapochnick.  When it comes to creating a presence on Facebook for your law practice there is no one better than Jacob.  At the time of this show Sapochnick has over 136,000 likes of his law firm Facebook Page.

In this episode you will learn how to take your social media presence to the next level.

JDB 123: Tools of the Trade | How to Customize your Law Firm YouTube Channel

How to Customize your Law Firm YouTube Channel

Nothing ties together great content like some custom graphics to help your content stand out from the crowd. We put so much time and effort into the production of the content that sometimes we forget that creating an eye-catching platform can pay big dividends and attract more visitors to our law firm websites.

In this episode I discuss how you can use Canva to create custom YouTube Channel artwork for your firm’s YouTube channel and even create custom thumbnail images for each of your individual videos.



JDB 122: How to Stay Motivated in Your Solo Practice

How to Stay Motivated in Your Solo Law Practice

Running a solo law practice is difficult. You have to be the lawyer, HR person, marketer, book keeper, all rolled into one.  There are many days when you may be asking yourself  –  “why am I doing this?”

In this episode I deviate from our normal discussions on law practice management and marketing and discuss how you can stay motivated in your practice and achieve the results and goals you have set for yourself.  If you have been struggling with the stress of law and not sure if continuing on in solo practice is a good idea, listen in and I will give you a 3 – part framework to help you find your purpose in law practice.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

JDB 121: Tools of the Trade | Creating Voice Memos with DropVox

Dropvox JDBlogger

Any attorney that runs a consumer-based law practice knows that the there is a never ending need for clients – and the larger the volume the better.  In my law practice I always welcome new clients but noticed that the more clients I got the more difficult it was to remember all of the details and tasks associated with each client.  I have tried every note keeping app under the sun and found that often they took more time than I could devote to keeping regular notes on each file.

Then I found DropVox.  DropVox is a voice memo recording app that is currently available only for iOS devices.  What it does is simply record the voice memo and then automatically uploads the .mp3 file to your Dropbox account.

I have set up a designated file in Dropbox where all voice memos are uploaded and then my legal assistant goes through the file once a day and moves the .mp3 file into each client’s file.  Then, when that potential client comes back two weeks later and wants to hire me I have all of the notes I need to get working on the case without having to sit down and review the entire matter again with the client.  Check out this week’s Tool of the Trade – DropVox.

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