JDB 158: Lessons Learned in the Trenches

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Playing college football was one of the great privileges of my life. The lessons learned and work ethic taught by athletics transitions so well into business that my wife and I encourage all of our children to participate in sports that they will both enjoy and that will challenge them to become better.

In this special Super Bowl episode of the podcast I share with you part of an episode from 2015 when I shared my experience in being able to play college football, my long journey in achieving that goal, and lessons that I learned that can help you in building a successful law practice.

JDB 157: Jill Nelson, CEO Ruby Receptionist | How Firm Culture Impacts Customer Service and Solving the Law Firm “Phone Problem”


In this week’s episode I interview the founder and CEO of Ruby Receptionists Jill Nelson. Jill shares with us the inspirational story of her company’s humble beginnings and its meteoric rise.

40% of Ruby’s 5,000 small business clients are lawyers – giving Jill an interesting perspective on lawyers and the way they interact on the telephone with their clients. She also shares her thoughts on why firm culture is such a big component of providing great customer service.

Jill Nelson Profile:

  • Started Ruby Receptionists in 2003
  • Fortune Magazine named Ruby Receptionist the #1 Small Company to Work for in the U.S. in 2013.
  • Currently has 300 employees
  • 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year, Entrepreneur Organization

5 Minute Receptionist Makeover & Ruby Service Pyramid

Ruby Receptionists has provided us a copy of their handout on their Service Pyramid and some great tips for your law firm receptionist in the 5 Minute Receptionist Makeover.  Click HERE to download a free copy.


JDBlogger Pro is the home of the JDBlogger Mastermind Group and where all of the premium content is found. This week I launched a new tutorial on how to use Facebook Live to create online content for your law firm. Click HERE to more information on joining JDBlogger Pro!

JDBlogger Pro

JDB 156: How to Overcome the Fear of Making Online Video

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The number one reason, in my experience, that lawyers are hesitant to incorporate video into their law firm marketing is the fear of getting behind the camera and putting themselves out there. In this episode of the podcast I share with you some tips and strategies on how you can overcome your fear of being in front of the camera and start producing high quality video that will have a great impact on your practice.

Below you will find a video I live streamed of this episode.  You can also see the live stream on my Facebook Page and facebook.com/jdblogger .


JDB 155: How to Use Facebook Live to Market Your Law Practice

Facebook Live for your Law Practice

Facebook Live was launched in August 2015 as a way to live-stream video to the followers of your Facebook page. While I have been using video and Youtube for a few years now as a way to market my law practice I only recently began experimenting with Facebook Live.

In this episode I share with you my thoughts on why you should be using Facebook Live and walk you through my work flow and how I am implementing this new tool in my law practice.

Bonus Material

I also did a “behind the scenes” recording on how I put the podcast together and video taped the recording of episode#155.

JDB 154: Dan Lear, Avvo | How to Optimize Your Avvo Profile


In this episode I interview Dan Lear, Director of Industry Relations for Avvo. Your Avvo profile is a big part of your overall online footprint for you as a lawyer and your law firm. Just Google your name followed by “lawyer” or “attorney” and you will likely see that your Avvo profile is in the top of three of search engine results.

This being the case, one of the first impressions potential clients will have of you is your Avvo profile.

Despite this many attorneys put little effort (or outright ignore) this prime internet real estate that could be used to bolster your online brand and really let people know what you and your practice are all about.

Dan Lear is a regular speaker at legal conferences all over the country where he speaks on all things Avvo, tech, and lawyering.  Dan has been mentioned, featured, or published in The ABA Journal, Law Practice Today, Law Technology News, NWLawyer, Above the Law and other legal industry press. In 2015 he was named to the FastCase 50 – a group of entrepreneurs, innovators, and trailblazers in the legal profession.

If you want to connect with Dan you can reach him via Twitter at @rightbrainlaw.


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I am also really excited about a series of interviews I have done with solos from around the country who share the story of their law practice and what they have done to build a successful business. I will be adding additional interviews through the year. Right now you can hear the back story to the law practices of John Fisher (New York), Jonathan Ginsberg (Georgia), Ruth Carter (Arizona), Chris Small (Washington).


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