JDB 167: Lawyernomics by Avvo – Day One

I am back in Las Vegas, Nevada for Avvo’s 8th annual Lawyernomics conference. Lawyermonics is a three day conference focused on helping lawyers with the business side of law practice.

Last year was my first year attending Lawyernomics and I really enjoyed the conference. After the conference each day I came back to my hotel room and recorded a recap episode of what I learned that day and some of the insights shared by the speakers. This year Avvo has allowed the JDBlogger Podcast additional access to the various speakers and I will be bringing you interviews with some of the conference speakers in addition to a recap episode each night.

Catch the Lawyernomics Conference Online

Avvo is making it even easier to participate in the conference by live streaming the conference at Lawyernomics.live. Check out the speakers in real time and then check back the JDBlogger Podcast for more in depth interviews with the speakers.


JDB 166: How I Reduced Overhead by $79,893.96 and Became More Efficient

Recently I made some significant changes to my law practice and as part of this transition I went through the various systems that make up my law practice and started looking to how I could reduce costs throughout the business. And reduce I did…

In the episode I walk you through my overhead reducing process and how it actually made me more efficient. Here is the net monthly savings after accounting or additional expenses I had to incur to keep the law firm running smoothly.

Monthly Savings $6,657.83

Annual Savings $79,893.96

JDB 165: Luke Ciciliano | Is Uber Killing Your Law Practice?

How does Uber impact the number of DUI cases handled by criminal defense law firms? What about the impact of self driving cars on personal injury practice? What about cultural trends like fewer people getting married – how is that going to impact family law firms?

In this special episode I interview Luke Ciciliano, founder of SEO for Lawyers, on his research and warning that solo and small firm lawyers might very well find themselves out of business due to an over supply of lawyers, a reduction in demand for legal services, as well as cultural and technological changes.

Luke provides valuable insight and data into shifts that will impact attorneys and offers solutions that you can implement today to safeguard your firm from advances in technology.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

JDB 164: Marc Cerniglia | New Trends in Social Media for Lawyers

Social media is a powerful tool when used correctly, however it is also a constantly moving target. Recently I was talking to my kids about social media and was surprised to see that none of them use Facebook. In this episode Marc Cerniglia and I discuss some of the new trends in social media and how you can apply them to your law practice.

JDB 163: Why I Hated the Phone and How I Fixed It

Recently I made a big change at my office as to how I deal with the huge volume of inbound telephone calls. The phone has been a source of frustration through my career. In this episode I share with you how I reduced overheard, became more efficient, and improved my client satisfaction all the while reducing the number of phone calls coming into my office each day.

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