JDB 096: How to Take Your Content Creation Offline

How to Take Law Firm Content Marketing Offline with JDBlogger

Content creation for law firms is often thought of in terms of blog articles, videos, and even podcasting.  However some of the most effective content creation I have done is for my law practice has been the content I created for use in handouts and other documents that are used as part of my consultation process.

In this episode I discuss the value in taking your content creation offline and give you several ideas on what types of things you can create that will set you apart from other law offices and help you close the deal even after the potential client leaves your office.

Resources Discussed in this Episode

Moo – Custom Business Cards, Flyers, Letterhead, and Handouts 

Advantage Media – Create Your Own Book

JDBlogger Interview with John Fisher, Esq. – Using a Book to Market Your Practice

Download the Skiba Law Group Litigation Flow Chart – Click Here

Do You Practice Bankruptcy Law?  Do You Need Help with Creating Content for Your Blog?

JDBlogger Blogging for bankruptcy lawyersThe other day I met with a fellow bankruptcy attorney here in Arizona and he said that he would really like to build a blog that converts but that there was just one problem – he hates blogging!   I know there are a lot of attorneys in the same boat and that is why I have decided to offer (on a limited basis) to help you out with building your bankruptcy blog.  If you practice in the area of bankruptcy law and would like some assistance jump starting your blog email me at john@jdblogger.com and we can put together a game plan to make your bankruptcy blog not only informative, but valuable.


JDB 094: How to Create Ebooks, Guides, and Long-Form Content out of Blog Articles

Ebook JDBlogger

As my blog has matured as frankly as the internet has matured it appears that long-form content is being given preference by Google and the other search engines.  On today’s episode I discuss not only why you should create long-form content but how you can do so easily out of the articles you are already writing for your blog.

I also discuss the process of turning your blog articles into ebooks and the mechanism for distributing to them to both clients and new potentials and how you can sign them up for email list for future marketing opportunities.

Resources mentioned on this episode:

Digioh + Aweber


Lawyer Forward Conference 2016


JDB 090: Here’s to a Better Work-Life Balance in the New Year!

Lawyer Work Life Balance JDBlogger

Happy New Year!  I recorded this episode bright and early on New Year’s Eve morning 2015 to share with you a couple of thoughts I have been having about the current status of my law practice, things that need to change, and the hiring of a new law firm associate to help bring some sanity back to my life in the coming year.

I also want to take a moment and thank all of you listeners who have stuck with the podcast over the last three years and welcome all of those who have just recently found JDBlogger.  There are some big and exciting things happening with the podcast in the coming year and I already have some really top notch guests lined up to come on the show.

I hope you have a happy and profitable New Year!


JDB 089: 5 Great Things I Learned from Podcast Guests in 2015

JDBlogger Legal Marketing 2015

I started 2015 off not knowing if I was going to continue on with the JDBlogger Podcast.  I felt like it didn’t have direction and lacked purpose.  In fact, I didn’t release my first episode until June.  After taking that much time off I realized that I missed podcasting and I missed the opportunity of speaking with great legal marketing minds from around the country.

I finished the last few months off releasing two episodes per week and interviewing some really interesting guests.  In this episode I discuss five great things I learned from my guests on the podcast, who were, in order of appearance:

  • Michael Whelan
  • Dan Weeks
  • Shantelle Argyle and Daniel Spencer
  • Nicole Abboud
  • Joe Pulizzi
  • Bryan Wilson
  • David Meerman Scott


JDB 088: Newsjacking with David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott on JDBlogger

On this episode of the podcast I interview internationally known marketer and sales strategist David Meerman Scott. I recently read David’s book “Newsjacking” and learned that he had recently released a course of the same title.

What is Newsjacking?  Many attorneys may already be incorporating Newsjacking into their marketing.

David defines Newsjacking as “the art and science of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story so you and your ideas get noticed”.

Many attorneys use current events or recent news stories to generate ideas for blog articles or other types of content, however as David points out on the podcast there is a lot more to successful Newsjacking than just writing an article that touches on current events.

Specifically Mr. Scott covers the following in this episode:

  • How to monitor the news in real time so that you can get your content noticed
  • How to get your content noticed by local reporters who will want to use you a source for their article.
  • How to use social media as part of your Newsjacking strategy
  • Why Newsjacking can be such a great strategy to get actual clients into your law firm.

Newsjacking – Life of a News Story

I recently read David’s book Newsjacking and found it to be full of strategies that can be implemented immediately into your content creation.

You can also learn more about David Meerman Scott’s new online course on Newjacking by clicking on the image below:

Newsjacking JDBlogger

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