JDB 067: What Dave Ramsey Taught Me About Building a Better Law Firm

Dave Ramsey and John SkibaI recently had the opportunity to attend the Bankruptcy Leadership Summit that is put on by Dave Ramsey in Nashville, Tennessee.  The conference is geared towards helping bankruptcy lawyers build and run a better law practice and get a little CLE along the way.  This is the first time I had attended the event and my first time in Nashville and the whole experience was really awesome.

In today’s episode of the podcast I give an overview of the conference, and discuss some of the cool evening events like dinner at Dave Ramsey’s house (his actual house!), a really awesome dinner with some of the top country singer/songwriters in Nashville, and seeing Dave do his daily radio show.

All the fun stuff aside one of the best parts (for me) of the entire event was seeing first hand how Dave Ramsey runs his company and the great people who work with him there.

IMG_6875In this episode I will discuss three things that I learned from getting a peek into how Dave Ramsey runs his company that can benefit you in building your law practice.  Specifically I will touch on:

  • How creating a unique law firm culture can not only make your work more enjoyable but better quality.
  • How to reduce your stress as a leader to almost zero.
  • Why practicing in area an that you enjoy will pay dividends to you and your clients.
Core Values of Ramsey Solutions

Core Values of Ramsey Solutions

JDB 066: Three Things I Did in 2014 to Build My Law Practice

JDBlogger Christmas2014 is nearly in the books.  And one thing I really enjoy about this time of year is looking back over the year at what things went well in my law practice, what things didn’t, and areas where I can improve in the coming year.

In today’s episode of the podcast I share with you three things I did over the last year that helped my law practice to not only grow but thrive.  I also go over some of my plans for the upcoming year and why I hope it will be my best yet!

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JDB 065: DIY Video Guy Caleb Wojcik

Caleb Wojcik on JDBlogger PodcastEntrepreneur Magazine predicts that video marketing will be one of the biggest trends in business for 2015.  As I have stated on the podcast before I have been pleasantly surprised at how well video content has done and the impact it has had on my law practice.

A lot of lawyers hesitate to start making videos because the perceived hurdles and lack of know-how.  In today’s episode of the JDBlogger Podcast I interview Caleb Wojcik.  Caleb is the host of the DIY Video Guy podcast and in the past was a co-host of the Fizzle Show and has been a featured guest on the Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn and Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast with Amy Porterfield.

Caleb is also the founder of  Caleb Wojcik Films, a video production company that works with clients to create and implement a video strategy.

Finally, Caleb has also created an awesome course for do-it-yourself video people like myself.  About a year ago I came across Caleb’s DIY Video Course and it helped immensely in getting the foundation I needed to start shooting and editing videos for my law practice.

Here are some of the resources mentioned in this episode:

Tool of the Trade

This week’s Tool of the Trade is Avvo Ignite.  Last week on the podcast I interviewed Josh King, General Counsel to Avvo.  After our interview I thought I would head on over and see what this product has to offer.  I am currently in the middle of my 15 free trial to see if it will work my law office.  The product has some pretty cool features that help in tracking where leads are coming from and then how to follow up with them so that they don’t slip through the cracks.  For a consumer practice like mine I believe this could be a very helpful tool.  It might be overkill if you tend to have more repeat clients or institutional clients.  I will give an update in a future episode on my overall impression and whether or not I have decided to subscribe going forward.


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JDB 064: Interview with Avvo General Counsel Josh King

JDBlogger Josh King AvvoRecent numbers show that about 20% of the attorneys in the United States use Avvo – however ask any lawyer and they will surely have an opinion on Avvo.  Since its inception in 2007 Avvo has become one of the major players in providing consumers with online legal resources.

Many lawyers have found great value in the services Avvo offers; others have viewed Avvo as a necessary evil, and some have even sued them over rankings.  Regardless of your opinion of Avvo it can’t be ignored that they are a major force in the online legal arena.

In today’s interview I speak with Avvo Vice Present and General Counsel Josh King on topics ranging from best practices in creating you profile to whether there are ethical issues in responding to questions on Avvo’s Q&A forums.  Josh also shares his thoughts on why attorneys are often resistant to change and his views on the evolution of the way legal services are provided.

If you are active in building an online brand for your law practice (and you should be), this is a “can’t miss” episode of the JDBlogger Podcast.

avvo_logo-Color_Blue_tagline (2)

Tool of the Trade

This week’s Tool of the Trade is a new place I found to download photos for my blog posts.  In the past I had been using iStockphoto but a recent change in their pricing has made it much too expensive to continue to buy my photos there.  I came upon Dollarphotoclub.com .  They offer great photos for $1 each.  You will be required to either subscribe monthly at the rate of $10 (10 photos/additional for $1 each) or an annual subscription at $99 (99 photos/additional $1 each).  So far I have really liked the quality of the photos and the price is nice as well.




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JDB 063: Starting a Solo Law Practice in the New Media Age – Interview with Attorney Jim Hart

James-HartThe guest on today’s show is attorney/online marketing Jim Hart.  Jim and I have a lot in common when it comes to the path of our legal careers.  Both of us have started two solo practice and we both worked for the government as a prosecutor and public defender.  In this interview Jim provides sage advice for any lawyer thinking of making the jump and starting their own law practice.  Everything from “big picture” things right down to the recommendations on scanners and law practice management software.

Jim is also the host and producer of the Legal Marketing Made Easy Podcast, which is a great resource not only for legal marketing but for getting the building blocks necessary to start and maintain a profitable law practice.  Jim created a special webpage for listeners to the JDBlogger Podcast – you can check that out by clicking HERE.



Tool of the Trade 

This week’s Tool of the Trade is a new podcast that was just released called the “DIY Video Guy” hosted by Caleb Wojcik.  I have been on a pretty big video kick lately and have had pretty good results.  This podcast is great because it gives you the hand’s on type information you need like what settings you need for camera, what types of equipment, and how to create video on a budget.  Highly recommend.



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