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Luke Ciciliano

When it comes to trying to decipher SEO for our websites we lawyers have probably spent more than any other group on on earth!  Always searching for the perfect formula that will take us to that coveted first page of Google.  In today’s episode of the podcast I interview Luke Ciciliano, attorney and co-owner of SEO for Lawyers, a Las Vegas based website development company that focuses on helping attorneys build and optimize their law firm websites.  Luke provides us with the three areas we need to focus on to keep our law firm website moving up the Google rankings.

Tool of the Trade

Perfect Audience

Today’s Tool of the Trade is Perfect Audience.  This company refers to itself as a “retargeting platform” that helps you to capture more leads from the people who are visiting your website.  When people visit your law firm website it tracks each user with a cookie in their browser.  Then, when that user goes to Facebook a Facebook ad will appear in their news stream to remind them about your law firm.  This way you not only remind them of your law firm but give them an opportunity to come back to your site and hopefully give you a call.

I am just starting to use this with my law firm website and will give you an update down the road on the results.

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  1. I look forward to your update about retargeting/remarketing. We’ve been batting this around the table for a year now and just can’t figure out if we want to jump in and, if we do, where? Plus do you market Disability one way on retargeting (perhaps Facebook as a platform) as opposed to Aviation Law (Google?). It’s just a mud puddle to me right now.

    • John Skiba


      I will give you an update on how it works for my practice. It seems like it could be very effective at recapturing some of those people that visit the website but don’t commit. Thanks for listening.

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