JDB 041: Jacob Sapochnick | Facebook Rockstar

Facebook Marketing for Lawyers

In this episode of the JDBlogger Podcast I interview attorney Jacob Sapochnick .  Jacob is an immigration lawyer in San Diego, California and blogger on legal marketing and practice management at Enchanting Lawyer.com.

The unique thing about Jacob’s marketing plan is his focus on Facebook marketing and his staggering 99,000+ “Likes” on his law firm Facebook Page.

In this interview we will discuss:

  • How to get your first 10,000 “Likes”Facebook Marketing for Lawyers
  • Business Pages v. Personal Pages
  • Strategies on using paid Facebook Ads
  • How to create engaging Facebook Posts
  • Techniques for measuring effectiveness of Social Media
  • How to increase “Likes” organically

20 Step Checklist to Help Your Business Facebook Page Succeed

Jacob has provided a special link for JDBlogger listeners to access his 20 Step Checklist to Help Your Business Facebook Page Succeed.  Click HERE to access.

Tools of the Trade

This week’s Tool of the Trade is using the promoted post feature for your Facebook posts.  Facebook allows you to “boost” your posts on your Facebook page by paying a fee for each boosted post.  By boosting your post you are able to dramatically increase the number of people who see your article in their Facebook newsfeed.  The price to boost your posts starts at $5 can can go up to several hundred depending upon the number of people you want to get your article in front of.

Click on the picture below to review an example of the type of exposure a “boosted” post can have as compared to an organic or “non-boosted” post.

Facebook Promoted Post Pic


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