JDB 043: Strategy Session | Inside the Website Redesign of Skibalaw.com

Law firm website redesign

Recently I redesigned my law firm website.  If you have been through the process of launching a website or even redesigning a website you know that it can be a long and tedious process, much like building a house (okay, not that bad).  In this episode I am going to give you a peak into the strategy sessions I had with Skyhook Internet Marketing on the redesign of the website, why we made it mobile responsive, how we made it more helpful to potential clients, and why I refocused and even changed some of the areas of law I practice in.

You can check out the newly designed by clicking below:

skibalaw website

Tool of the Trade

This week’s Tool of the Trade is My Social Book.  This website allows you to take the content from your personal or law firm Facebook page and create a hardcover book.  I thought this was a neat way you could capture the content you are putting on Facebook and would be a great thing to put in your waiting room.  Clients would not only see that you write on the various legal topics consistently but it may drive more people back to your law firm Facebook page and result in additional “likes”.

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  1. Kyle

    Looks great. It loaded very quickly, but Pingdom is telling me your front page is 4.6 mb, which seems too large. I’ve heard varying opinions on page size, but the limit I commonly hear is 2 mb. http://css-tricks.com/poll-results-ideal-page-size/

    You might also benefit from incorporating attorney schema: http://schema.org/Attorney

    Also, I’ve heard that hosting videos on YouTube has some cons. I see that there are no ads, which is nice. But I bet your YouTube videos in search go directly to the YouTube page of the video, rather than directing traffic to directly to your website. You can fix this by hosting your videos elsewhere and allowing them to stream only at specific domains. I’ve used Vimeo Pro for this and it works. You can also use Yoast’s video SEO plugin to try to get video rich snippets to show up in Google: https://yoast.com/wordpress/plugins/video-seo/

    I see you use Yoast’s Google analytics plugin, but they also have a pretty good SEO plugin that might be worth your time. It might help you craft some better titles. I think some of your existing titles exceed the recommended character count. Your URLs are also pretty long, and could be more directed.

    The sidebar on your blogs is almost as wide as the content itself. Seems a bit unusual, but it might work well. It was also fairly difficult to find the blog.

    Overall, I love the look and feel of your website. It gets more traffic than mine according to Alexa, so take any of these thoughts with a grain of salt.

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