JDB 045: Book It! | How to Grow Your Law Practice by Writing a Book

Law Practice MarketingIn this episode of the JDBlogger Podcast I interview New York medical malpractice attorney John Fisher.  Mr. Fisher is the author of the new book The Power Of A System: How To Build the Injury Law Practice of Your Dreams.  In today’s interview John discusses how he has used the two books that he has written to build a successful practice in the area medical malpractice.  He answers such questions as:

  • How writing a book can gain media publicity for your practice.
  • Why writing a book is not nearly as difficult as you might think.
  • How writing a book can help you attract and retain more clients.John Fisher Podcast

You can learn more about John and his law practice at John H. Fisher, P.C.  You can also check out John’s podcast, The Ultimate Practice Builder for New York Injury Lawyer by clicking on the picture to the right.

Tool of the Trade

This week’s Tool of the Trade is somewhat self promotional.  I recently re-launched my Consumer Warrior Podcast and in today’s episode I share with you some of the most recent episode of how you can use an audio podcast to grow your practice.

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  1. Adam Bagwell


    Did you read a physical copy of his System book or ebook version? Just curious, since ebook versions typically aren’t great if there are example forms, checklists, etc.

    Great podcast!

    • John Skiba

      Hey Adam: I read a physical copy of the book. I tend to agree as to the issue with ebooks. I generally read all my books on my iPad, something I didn’t think I would get used to, but that is the one downfall of the iPad is that charts and forms don’t look that great.

      Thanks for listening to the podcast.

  2. Adam Bagwell

    Sorry for two comments – hit submit too fast. :). Re: his book, do you think the material is applicable to firms in other areas of law?


    • John Skiba


      Yes. There is quite a bit of material on personal injury law but most of the book works with any practice area.

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