JDB 047: Elena Saris | Trial Lawyer Confidential

Elena Saris

Today on the JDBlogger Podcast I interview Elena Saris.  Elena has been a public defender with the  Los Angeles County Public Defenders office for more than 20 years – becoming one of the youngest attorneys in the office to handle death penalty cases.  From 2008 through 2012 she served as  President of the Public Defenders Employees Association, representing the interests of more than 700 lawyers in the office.  She has mentored new lawyers in the office for the past 15 years.

Last year Elena started the Trial Lawyer Confidential Podcast, a podcast focused on educating the public on the criminal justice system and providing lawyers tips on how to be a better trial lawyer.

Trial Lawyer Confidential

Elena and I discuss why she chose podcasting over other mediums to get her message out, what she uses to record and edit her podcast, and why one of her clients has her name tattooed on his arm!

If you are thinking of starting a podcast this is an episode you don’t want to miss.

Elena Saris

Tools of the Trade

Many in the marketing world deemed 2013 to be the Year of the Podcast.  And while podcasting grew bigger and better in 2013 I think that podcasting’s best days are definitely to come.  Apple recently announced the release of Carplay.  Carplay will allow you to access your iOS apps such as your phone, text messages, maps, and podcasts directly from the information center in the dash of your car.

Carplay will be found in 2014 Mercedes, Hondas, and Ferarris (for all you Ferarri owners out there) and will expand to several other brands going forward.

One thing I found interesting is cars with Carplay will not have access to AM/FM radio.  While it may be premature to predict the demise of traditional radio, I think the future of talk radio will like come in the form of a podcast.

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