JDB 048: Should You Be the Next LegalZoom?

Innovator Lawyer3 Ways to be an Innovative Lawyer

I know that as a lawyer I am supposed to hate LegalZoom.  But the entrepreneur side of me really appreciates what they have done.  They saw a need – a large portion of the public that needed legal services but couldn’t/wouldn’t pay the rates lawyers charge – and created a product that people would be willing to take a chance on.

In this episode of the JDBlogger Podcast I discuss ways you can market your practice by doing things differently than everyone else – ways you can innovate and really stand out from the crowd.  In the podcast I focus on three ways in particular: billing, the way you deliver legal services, and the areas of law you practice.  I discuss some of the true innovators out there, including LegalZoom, and what we can learn from those who are unafraid of marching to the beat of a different drummer.

Are you an innovative lawyer?  What do you do with your law practice to stand above the crowd?

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