JDB 063: Jim Hart | Starting a Solo Law Practice in the New Media Age


James-HartThe guest on today’s show is attorney/online marketing Jim Hart.  Jim and I have a lot in common when it comes to the path of our legal careers.  Both of us have started two solo practice and we both worked for the government as a prosecutor and public defender.  In this interview Jim provides sage advice for any lawyer thinking of making the jump and starting their own law practice.  Everything from “big picture” things right down to the recommendations on scanners and law practice management software.

Jim is also the host and producer of the Legal Marketing Made Easy Podcast, which is a great resource not only for legal marketing but for getting the building blocks necessary to start and maintain a profitable law practice.  Jim created a special webpage for listeners to the JDBlogger Podcast – you can check that out by clicking HERE.



Tool of the Trade 

This week’s Tool of the Trade is a new podcast that was just released called the “DIY Video Guy” hosted by Caleb Wojcik.  I have been on a pretty big video kick lately and have had pretty good results.  This podcast is great because it gives you the hand’s on type information you need like what settings you need for camera, what types of equipment, and how to create video on a budget.  Highly recommend.



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  1. Jim

    Hi John – Thanks for having me on the show. Here is some feedback I received earlier today on Facebook:

    “Loved the Jim Hart interview with Skiba on JD Blogger. Get out there, lawyer. Get out there.”

    I had a great time on your show – if there is anything I can do to help you with your practice or your podcast, please let me know!


    • John Skiba

      Thanks for being on the show Jim. I have had a great response to your interview.

  2. Wow was this a great show. I enjoy the JDBlogger podcast and Jim’s show. This felt like old classmates getting together sharing new ideas.


    • John Skiba

      Thanks for the comment Mark. Jim brought a lot to the podcast and has some great insights into building a practice.

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