JDB 067: What Dave Ramsey Taught Me About Building a Better Law Firm

Dave Ramsey and John Skiba

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Bankruptcy Leadership Summit that is put on by Dave Ramsey in Nashville, Tennessee.  The conference is geared towards helping bankruptcy lawyers build and run a better law practice and get a little CLE along the way.  This is the first time I had attended the event and my first time in Nashville and the whole experience was really awesome.

In today’s episode of the podcast I give an overview of the conference, and discuss some of the cool evening events like dinner at Dave Ramsey’s house (his actual house!), a really awesome dinner with some of the top country singer/songwriters in Nashville, and seeing Dave do his daily radio show.

All the fun stuff aside one of the best parts (for me) of the entire event was seeing first hand how Dave Ramsey runs his company and the great people who work with him there.

IMG_6875In this episode I will discuss three things that I learned from getting a peek into how Dave Ramsey runs his company that can benefit you in building your law practice.  Specifically I will touch on:

  • How creating a unique law firm culture can not only make your work more enjoyable but better quality.
  • How to reduce your stress as a leader to almost zero.
  • Why practicing in area an that you enjoy will pay dividends to you and your clients.
Core Values of Ramsey Solutions

Core Values of Ramsey Solutions

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