JDB 002: Dallin Harris, Skyhook Internet Marketing

Back when I first started blogging to market my law practice I was put in touch with Dallin Harris of Skyhook Internet Marketing.  Dallin taught me the ropes early on when it came to content marketing and how putting a little effort in on my part could result in huge result for my law practice.  It was only natural that I brought him in for the first interview on the JDBlogger podcast.

Dallin is the founder of Skyhook Internet Marketing and was recently included in The Arizona Republic’s list of top “35 Entrepreneurs 35 and Under”  In this interview Dallin gives great advice on topics ranging from blogging, social media, and paid search and how they can benefit you and help you build a thriving law practice.

Tools of the Trade

Each week on the podcast I offer a ‘tool of the trade’ that can assist you in your legal marketing efforts.  This week my recommendation is Scribe.  Scribe is an awesome tool that helps you in tweaking your blog articles so that they are optimized for the search engines – helping you increase the visibility  of your practice online.  Scribe allows you to write your blog article the way you want, and then at the click of a button it will analyze your writing and give you some tips on how it can be made better without sounding spammy or as if it were written or the search engines.  You can check out Scribe by checking HERE!

See Scribe for WordPress In Action!


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