JDB 069: How to use Facebook Remarketing to Build a Law Practice

You may have been on Facebook for years and may even have a Facebook page for your law firm, however you haven’t really unleashed the power of Facebook until you experienced remarketing.  Not sure what remarketing is?  This is a perfect episode for you.  Further, I am going to walk you through some of the finer points of creating a Facebook page for your law practice and some pro tips on how to get people to engage with your law firm even if you practice in an area that people don’t want to shout from the rooftops (i.e. bankruptcy, divorce, criminal law).

Below is a screenshot of the Facebook Page for my law practice -aka The Consumer Warrior Project

JDBlogger Facebook

Tips for Setting up a Law Firm Facebook Page

Before you get into remarketing or really any aspect of Facebook advertising you really need to set up a place for people to go.

While you may be tempted to grab some stock photos you used on your law firm website I would recommend that you first consider who your audience is?  Do you practice the type of law that people are likely going feel comfortable engaging with in a public forum like Facebook?

For example, I practice in the area of bankruptcy and consumer debt.  Most people have about as much inclination to make a comment on a bankruptcy lawyer’s Facebook page as they would to comment on an STD clinic’s page (if such a page existed :).

I believe that most law firms, regardless of the type of law that they practice, would benefit from creating a Facebook page that represents the type of information and legal assistance you provide rather than just a brochure for the firm.  Take for example the screen shot from my Facebook page above.  My law firm is the Skiba Law Group.  I practice bankruptcy and consumer protection law.  However my Facebook page is The Consumer Warrior Project.  The information I provide is based on the types of problems I help clients solve and the links all go back to my law firm web page.

The content can be the same but the branding needs to be something more inviting and less intimidating than something your law firm website may look like.

Using Facebook Remarketing for Greater Conversions in Your Law Firm Marketing

You may not know what remarketing is but you probably see it every day you spend any amount of time on the internet.  Have you ever been looking for a product and visited a store website, only to then find advertisements for that specific product or store on almost every website you visit?

That is remarketing.

When you visit certain websites a pixel or cookie is attached to your internet browser that allows advertisers to send very targeted ads to the pages you visit in the future.

Facebook has its own internal remarketing tool that allows you to target people who visit your law firm website with ads from your law firm while they are on Facebook.  For example, if John Doe visits your law firm website a “cookie” is placed in his internet browser, then the next time he logs onto Facebook he will see your ads that you have put together in his Facebook stream and along side the right side of the page.

This is a powerful tool because it allows you to focus entirely on an audience that has already made the decision at least once to visit your website.  If a person is visiting your website they are likely in need of the type of legal services you provide and thus when keeping your firm top-of-mind is key if you want to be able to convert the casual reader of content on your website into a paying client – and Facebook remarketing can help you be top-of-mind.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Canva:   Canva is an online tool that allows you to create custom graphics for your social media platforms.  It is free and easy to use and will permit you to change up your Facebook page cover photo on a regular basis to keep you Facebook page fresh.

Jenny H Design:  I have used Jenny H Design for several custom graphics and social media artwork.  She does a great job and the turn around time is very quick.  Tell her I referred you if you contact her.

Jacob Sapochnick Interview:  Jacob is the king of law firm Facebook pages.  He is an immigration attorney in San Diego and has a law firm Facebook page with over 118,000 likes! I interviewed Jacob on his secrets back in Episode 41.  Check it out.

Google Adwords Remarketing Plugin:  For WordPress sites.  This plug in is necessary for past the code that you receive when you set up the Facebook remarketing audience.

Instructions on How to Set Up an Audience for Remarketing on Facebook

Step #1 – Click on Manage Ads in the drop down menu in the upper right hand of the screen.

Facebook Remarketing - JDBlogger

Step #2 – Click on Tools and then select “Audience” from the drop down menu.

JDBlogger Facebook Remarketing

Step #3 – Click on Create Audience and the select “Custom Audience” from the drop down menu.

JDBlogger Facebook Remarketing


Step #4 – Click on Website Traffic in the pop-up box.

JDBlogger Facebook Remarketing

Step #5 – Enter a name for your audience.

JDBlogger Facebook Remarketing


Step #6 – Click on Actions and then select “view pixel”.

JDBlogger Facebook Remarketing

Step #7 – Copy the code for pasting into your website.

JDBlogger Facebook remarketing

Step #8 – The next step is to paste the code into your website.  If you are using a WordPress website then you can follow the instructions on installing the Google Adwords Remarketing plugin.  I went this route and it wasn’t difficult at all.  If you are not using a WordPress website you should ask your IT professional where to install the code.

Facebook remarketing is a powerful way to focus in on an audience that has already taken the crucial first step of visiting your website. The more opportunities you have to get in front of those people the better chance you have of converting them becoming a client.

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  1. John,

    This is a great article and explains the retargeting/remarketing process pretty good. The other thing that is important is the Facebook funnels strategy. The idea is to not only to follow our site visitors with FB ads but captures email address and get them to take action. I use FB funnels all the time and this is far more superior to any google adwords strategy.

    good to see you back podcasting!!

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