JDB 071: College Football Edition | Lessons Learned as a College Offensive Lineman at BYU

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BYU v. Colorado State 1998

This episode is a little different.  This morning I woke up and as usual I reached over and checked my email on my phone before I even got out of bed (terrible habit!).  To my surprise I found that Google had locked me out of my Google Apps email account and the calendar that I use for my law firm.  I then embarked on a three hour battle to get someone one the phone that could get me into my email account.  I was facing a full day of appointments and this was truly the last thing I needed to deal with to start my day.  Days like these I get frustrated to the point of asking myself why in the world I do this (law practice) and start doing Google searches for “alternative jobs for people with a JD”.

BYU Oline

BYU Offensive Line 1997

It is days like these when I need a little motivation to keep things going down the track.

And that is the purpose of this episode – to hopefully provide some motivation to keep going, keep working, and keep building your dream law practice.

I have mentioned before on the podcast that I had the great opportunity of playing college football as an offensive lineman for BYU.  In this episode of the podcast I share three lessons I learned playing offensive line for BYU that you can apply to your struggle and challenge to build a successful business.


Me and my son in the Rose Bowl - UCLA v. BYU 2015

Me and my son at the Rose Bowl – UCLA v. BYU 2015

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