JDB 075: Do You Really Need an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog?

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Recently as I have been reviewing my past content creation in preparation of writing my new ebook “How I Grew My Law Firm Website from Zero to 20,000+ Visitors Per Month” I realized that while I was always consistent in creating and putting out content (mostly articles on my blog) I was not organized in the way I was approaching it and there was no real strategy.  Basically I knew I needed to create content if I wanted to get any traction with Google so I wrote.  I wrote on what happened in court that day, I would write on a question a client brought up, or even about something I saw on the news that I thought my clients and potential clients might be interested in.

And while all of those areas are great for choosing topics there was no real direction.  With some hesitancy I decided that I needed to start using an editorial calendar to provide some structure to my content creation.  An editorial calendar is a great way to map out what you are really trying to do with your blog or other content creation channels and has really forced me to sit down and come up with both topics I want to write on and a self imposed deadline of when I want them to be released.

One thing that has been somewhat surprising to me is after I had mapped out the first month it really gave me some additional motivation to keep it going.  There on the calendar was progress – I was actually accomplishing something and was being intentional about it.  Not only that but it has helped me make sure I am not writing on the same topic over an over but providing content to potential clients that they will find helpful.

Resources for Creating a Content Editorial Calendar 

I looked around a bit and found that editorial calendars can be as simple or as complex as you like.  Some people use a basic Excel spreadsheet or a Google Sheet.  There are also digital online options (some of them free, some paid) that have a few more bells and whistles on them.

Some of the online versions that I read about people using were Trello, Divvy HQ, Ku Post, Central Desktop, and Work Front.


In the end I chose CoSchedule.  CoSchedule is a paid service that provides a lot more than just a calendar.  Not only does it have a slick-looking calendar that allows to drag and drop events, if you use a WordPress site it can connect with the site and you can draft content for your blog directly from the CoSchedule platform.  Further, it allows you to connect your social media profiles in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ and post to those platforms right from the calendar.

One of my favorite features is the ability to schedule social media posting into the future directly from the calendar.  This makes it easy to get an article that you wrote a while back fresh views by periodically releasing it on the various social media platforms.

Finally, it has a nice analytics feature that allows you to see how your content is being received on the various social media platforms.  Right from the calendar you can see if your article is being shared, if people are commenting on it, or if it is being retweeted on Twitter.  This can help in future decisions related to content creation and what your audience will engage with.

It also integrates with Evernote, which is great for me as I have become a real fan of Evernote over the last few months and keep most of my notes and show prep content there.

CoSchedule is a paid service with monthly subscriptions starting at $15 per month and upgrades ranging from $30/mo. up to $60/mo.  For most solo and small firm attorneys the $15/mo. plan should work fine unless you want the Evernote integration then you will have to shell out the $30/mo.

If you want to check out more on CoSchedule click HERE.  Note that after I signed up with them I noticed that they have an affiliate program.  I am an affiliate so if you click on this link and then sign up I will get a discount on my monthly fee (it won’t cost you anything additional).

While an editorial calendar may seem like something else to suck time I have actually found the opposite to be true.  It has helped me become much more organized and efficient and I have seen the overall quality of my content creation increase as well.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode



  1. Awesome review and loved listening to the podcast. Hope you keep enjoying CoSchedule! Thanks!

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