JDB 076: Why Your Law Firm Needs an Email Subscriber List

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For most lawyers email is the bane of their existence – I would be willing to bet good money that you have hundreds (if not thousands) of emails piled up in your inbox right now! But email can be a lawyers friend, particularly when it comes to marketing a law practice and establishing yourself as the “go-to” authority in your practice area.

In this episode of the podcast we are going to discuss why you need to create an email subscription list for your law practice, what you can do with it, and how you set it up.

What is an Email Subscription List?

An email subscription list is created when you obtain the permission from from subscribers (potential clients or current clients) that will allow you to send them periodic emails with links to your blog articles, videos, or any other content you feel would be helpful to them in their legal situation.

Why in the World Would I Need One of Those?

There are numerous reasons that having a list of email subscribers to your site would be beneficial and profitable:

  • Potential Clients – an email can be a great way to attract new business.
    • Keeps you top of mind to people who have already visited your website and trusted you enough to give you their email address.
    • Provides a less intimidating way to make contact with a lawyer and set up a consultation.
    • Allows them to regularly get updates about your legal niche that may be helpful to the in addressing their legal issue.
    • Emails are very easy for potential clients to share with family and friends thus expanding your overall reach.
  • Current Clients
    • Often receiving an email from their attorney will spur additional questions from clients that may result in additional work that was not known or overlooked by the client when the representation began.
    • Easy way for them to share what “their” attorney is doing and how it can help a friend or family member.
    • Continues to help establish you as an expert in your field.
  • Create Value in Your Law Practice and Law Firm Website
    • Valuable asset that will increase value of firm
    • Valuable asset if you ever elect to sell your website to another attorney

How Do I Set This Whole Thing Up?

The tech part of this can be a bit intimidating but truthfully it is not that difficult.  While in this episode I don’t go into all of the “nuts-and-bolts” of setting up an email collection form I am currently working on a project that will walk you through the process step-by-step.

On my law firm website at skibalaw.com I collect email subscribers through (1) several opt-in forms; (2) a pop-up; and (3) using the Hello Bar.  I will go over each below:

  • Opt-In Form:  On the home page of my website I have placed an opt-in from right at the top.  It is important to me to build my email list so I don’t want to hide it on the “contact” page – a place where most attorney place their opt-in form.  This is something that I had my web developer include when they built the site however if you use a WordPress website you can this fairly easy by using a widget and placing it in the side bar.
  • Pop-Up: Everyone hates pop-ups but the thing is they work! My subscriptions have increased dramatically ever since I started using a pop-up.  I created by pop-up using Leadpages.  This is software that will help you easily put together a custom pop-up that can attract subscribers.  It is a paid service but worth the price in the overall value that you receive.
  • Hello Bar:  The Hello Bar is a banner that is placed at the very top of your website that permits you to collection email addresses and offer various incentives for doing so.  It is a free resource and connects with email collection services like AWeber.

Email Marketing and Autoresponder Tools

The autoresponder software is what makes all of this process of collection emails seamless.  There are several companies that offer these services however the two that I have worked are AWeber and Mail Chimp.  I have used Aweber for a number of years and because my experience is mainly with them I will share with you its features:

  • Integration:  AWeber integrates with some of the other services mentioned above like Leadpages, Hello Bar, and WordPress.  This makes is super easy to set up.  Once someone enters their email information into the opt-in form on your website (or the pop-up or Hello Bar) that information is stored in a list in your AWeber account. Further, you are then able to set up an autoresponder with customized emails that provide more information about your law firm, products, information, or other services you offer.
  • Email Automation:  One of the best features of AWeber is the ability to send emails automatically every time your write an article on your blog.  Want to email every person on your list?  Want to send out a weekly newsletter?  You can do all of that with AWeber and other autoresponder tools.

Resources Mentioned in Today’s Show

These are the resources mentioned in this episode:

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  1. Rick Flume

    What CRM do you use to keep track of your clients and contacts?

    • John Skiba

      Hi Rick:

      I don’t use anything that is technically CRM. I do store all of my client information and billing in Rocket Matter. It features have greatly improved over the last 4 years that I have been using it, including some document preparation, customizable forms for billing, and the general billing and client data storage. Do you have any suggestions?

      • Rick Flume

        I have been looking at some web-based CRMs that also have the capability to send out emails, much like AWeber and Mailchimp. You can also have a certain email series start upon the occurrence of a certain event, like when the client shows and hires you, or does not hire you, or when their bankruptcy case is filed. I was particularly interest in the software you use, as I am also a bankruptcy attorney. By the way, I like the podcasts – you do a great job.

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