JDB 081: Can You Create Great Content if You Hate Being a Lawyer?

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Lawyer Content MarketingRecently here at JDBlogger attorney Jim Hart wrote an article about starting his law practice over at age 40 to pursue an area of the law that he had a passion for. I think Jim’s article struck a chord with many attorneys in that a large percentage of attorneys don’t enjoy the practice of law.

Jim is on to something when he said that it wasn’t being a lawyer he hated, it was just the practice area.

Whether we enjoy the type of law we practice or not can have a big impact on whether or not we are impactful and can build a law practice with content marketing.

Content for which you do not have a passion is really hard to get good at.  If you don’t love the content you’re creating, it is unlikely to be good enough to have an impact. And that’s why most of the people who you would consider to be disproportionately good at content have a true love, either for content marketing as a discipline, or a true love for the subject mater that they’re creating content about.”  – Jay Baer, CEO, Convince & Convert.

Uninspired content creation is nothing more than information being transferred from you as the expert to the potential client who is seeking answers to their problems.

And while this may be the underlying concept when it comes to content marketing, to focus solely on the transfer of information is to miss out on a great opportunity to let your passion for your area of practice come through and build a relationship of trust before the client even steps foot in your office.

Find Your Sweet Spot

In his book Content, Inc. the founder of Content Marketing Institute Joe Pulizzi opines that key to becoming great at content marketing is find your “sweet spot”.  He explains that the sweet spot is the “intersection of a knowledge or skill area and a passion point.”

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But what do you do if you are an expert in your field but don’t necessarily have a passion for it?  I believe a lot of lawyers fall into this category – they are competent attorneys and do great work for their clients but don’t necessarily have a true passion for what it is they do.

Many attorneys end up practicing in a certain area simply because that is the department they get assigned to on their first job or the attorney who hires them happens to work in a specific area.

In these situations Pulizzi proposes that an alternative to the sweet spot is to find the intersection of the knowledge/expertise you already possess and your client’s pain points.  This is particularly effective when you are working in a firm of multiple attorneys.

Find What You Love

You’ve got to find what you love…[T]he only way to do great work is to love what you do.  If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, and don’t settle.” – Steve Jobs

The video of Steve Jobs’s 2005 commencement address at Stanford University has been viewed nearly 24 million times.  I reference a portion of this speech in this episode of the podcast, but the entire speech is very inspiring.


  1. I just drove from PROVO, UT to Washington state and listened to a majority of these podcasts. Spectacular. Interesting comments about BNI and Rotary. Convinced me that maybe my platform is not writing, but video. I believe content is king in this information age. Nice work using social media as outposts and covering Facebook ads, remarking. Thanks for the information.

    • John Skiba

      Wow! I actually just drove from Provo, Ut (actually Springville, UT) all the way back to Phoenix. I was skeptical about video at first but it is a powerful tool in converting clients.

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