JDB 082: Joe Pulizzi | How to Create Powerful Content

Joe Pulizzi JDBloggerJoe Pulizzi is the founder of the Content Marketing Institute and best selling author of four books on content marketing, including his most recent book Content Inc.: How Entrepreneurs Use Content to Build Massive Audiences and Create Radically Successful Businesses.
Pulizzi has spoken about content marketing in more than 400 locations in 14 different countries.  Joe is even credited with coining the phrase “content marketing”.

Simply put, if Joe Pulizzi is talking about content marketing you should be listening.  Today on the podcast I had the pleasure of interviewing Joe about how content marketing can be utilized by solo and small firm attorneys as they build their law practices.  Joe provides great insight on the following topics:

  • Finding Your Sweet Spot: Pulizzi defines the “sweet spot” as the intersection of a knowledge or skill area and a passion point.  If you have above average knowledge or skill in a certain area and combine that with an area that you have a true passion for you have created a formula for creating compelling content.  Joe also discusses how you can succeed even if you don’t have a “passion” for the the law but still have a desire to succeed in building your law practice with content marketing.
  • Content Inc JDBloggerUnderstanding the Power of the “Tilt”:  “If Content Inc is going to work for you, your content must be different. It must fill a content hole that is not being filled by someone else…This is called “content tilting”. Content Inc., p. 56.  Pulizzi goes into great detail as to how you can find your content tilt even if you believe that your practice area is no different than any other attorney’s.
  • How to Choose a Content Channel: The way you deliver your content to your potential clients will largely depend on your skill set, the way your audience consumes content, and if there is a particular medium that is suited to your specific area of the law.  Joe recommends that you “focus on creating amazing and relevant content with mostly one content channel (podcast, video, blog, etc.)” and then diversify once you attract a large enough audience.  Content Inc., p. 88.

Get a Free Copy of Content Inc.

I recently finished reading my copy of Content Inc. and it truly is a great marketing book that will assist you in building your law practice.  Listen through to the end of this week’s show to find out how you can get your FREE copy of Content Inc.

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  1. John,

    Great episode. You sent me his book which was very good. The consistency point he was making — that one hurt my friend! I’ve not been consistent but your episode has made me realize I need to be more professional about getting content out there on a regular basis instead of haphazard.

    Thanks for the excellent podcast you have (this one episode and in general) and this very useful JD Blogger site. Talk to you soon.

    John Watts

    • John Skiba

      Hi John: I agree on the consistency part of it. It is tough, particularly for lawyers who are often trying to bill as many hours a day as possible. It is sometimes difficult to see that by creating content for your site you are actually investing in your future business. Thanks for the comment.

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