JDB 083: Podcasting and the Solo Lawyer


The spoken word can be a powerful way to demonstrate not only your expertise in your chosen area of the law but allow listeners and potential clients to really get a feel for who you are and why you do what you do.

I have received several requests to go over what equipment I use for podcasting and what my general workflow is like.  As things have changed significantly even in the three short years that I have been podcasting I thought it was time to discuss if podcasting is a good idea for your law practice and if so what type of equipment can help you sound like an audio pro.

Here is a list of the equipment I currently use:


The microphone is the first thing people think of when looking to start a podcast.  In the early days I used an inexpensive microphone that had poor sound quality.  I think the bar has been raised in podcasting to the point where if you have bad sound it will cost you listeners.  I transitioned to the Heil PR40, and while it definitely cost more the overall sound quality was noticeably better.


Another less expensive option is the Audio Technica AT 2020 microphone.  There are a number of very high profile podcasters that use this microphone and while I haven’t used it personally it has great reviews for overall sound quality and a much lower price point.



A mixer is not totally necessary but it will allow you to tweak your sound a bit and help you in your efforts to provide a professional sounding podcast.  Mixers are not as difficult to use as you might think and can really help your overall sound quality.  I use the Behringer Xenyx 1002.


Roland R-05 Audio Recorder

An audio recorder is not necessary and many podcasters record their episodes directly into their computer with a program like Audacity.  I have transitioned to recording my interviews via Call Recorder and Skype, however I still record solo episodes into my Roland recorder as it allows me to recorder the audio onto a removable SD card and do my editing offsite.   Not necessary but helpful and makes things more convenient.




A good set of headphones will not only make you feel like a radio superstar but are necessary to make sure that your audio levels stay constant as you record each episode.  I use the Bose Soundtrue.


Podcast Editing Software

I use a free editing software called Audacity.  It is fairly easy to use and will allow you to edit out all the “uh-huhs” and barking dogs to give you a professional sounding podcast.  You can download Audacity HERE.

Podcast Cover Art

The cover art is the first thing someone will see as they browse through the iTunes directory.  A professional looking design will increase your visibility and make sure that it comports with iTunes requirements.  I have used Jenny H Designs on several occasions and she does a great job.

Audio Intros/Outros

One area where you can really stand out is by obtaining a professional recorded intro and outro for your podcast.  I have used Music Radio Creative on two occasions and found them to do great work at an affordable price.

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