JDB 084: 3 Powerful Ways to Turn Law Firm Website Visitors into Clients


When it comes to law firm advertising there is a lot of focus on increasing the traffic to your website and helping you reach the coveted first page of the Google search engine rankings. However getting potential clients to your law firm’s website is really only half the battle.

In this episode we are going to discuss three ways you can turn the visitors to your website into paying clients.  But before we get into ways you can improve let’s first determine how well you are doing – and the best tool for that is Google Analytics.

Here are the four areas that I look at in Google Analytics to help me determine if potential clients are engaging with the content on my website:

Bounce Rate:  Google defines “Bounce Rate” as the percentage of single-page visits.  Basically if someone comes to your site and doesn’t click through to any other page on your firm’s website that visitors has “bounced” from your site.  This is not a good thing.  You want visitors to your site to read and engage with as many as your articles, videos, etc. as possible.  The longer you can keep them on your site the more opportunity you have to establish your authority in your area of the law and influence them to pick you as their attorney.

Pages per Session: This is how many pages a visitor to your website visits during a particular session.  This is another area where the higher the number the more engaging people are finding your content.

Average Session Duration:  I look to this metric to help me understand how long people are staying on my site.  If visitors to my law firm site are leaving quickly that is an indicator or me that my content is not addressing the problem that my clients are looking for help with.

Percentage of New Sessions:  This metric measures how many of the total sessions on your website are from repeat visitors as compared to people who have never been to your website before.  With my law firm I need a steady stream of new visitors to my site to make sure I get the number of consultations that keep the firm running.  At the same time it is good to see a fair number of return visitors that are finding the site helpful but may take a longer time in deciding if I am the attorney for them.

Here is a screenshot from my Google Analytics page for the Skiba Law Group for the period of November 4, 2015 – December 4, 2015 (notice the dip over Thanksgiving – the holidays can be harsh on us lawyers):

JDBlogger Google Analytics


Here are three ways I have found to improve the overall quality of your firm’s website and to convert more of the visitors into actual paying clients:

Make Your Law Firm’s Website Easy to Navigate

When I did a revision to my law firm’s site the main point I provided to my web developers was that I wanted it to be easy for visitors to navigate to the various forms of content that I had created.  My overall purpose with the site is to provide helpful information via my blog, videos, and my audio podcast.

Make sure that your website is easy to use.  If you have a blog is it prominently displayed on home page?  Is it easy to find recent articles?  Do you have a search box where clients can look for specific topics?  Do you breakdown your articles into categories?

Further, when you draft articles for your blog to you include links to your internal content (prior blog posts)?  Make is simple for readers to dive deeper into a topic by reading other articles that you have written and posted to your site.  All of these things will keep clients on your site longer and give greater exposure to the content you have created for them.

Craft Engaging Headlines

You have to admit when you are doing a Google search or browsing through social media a catchy headline can pique your interest and get you to click through to the article. You need to create headlines like that for your law firm’s content.  They don’t need to be hokey or unprofessional but they also don’t need to be neutral or uninteresting.

Interjecting emotion into the headline can really engage your readers and improve your click rate.  Check out this great article on using emotion in your headlines by the co-founder of CoSchedule Garrett Moon.

Create Content for Your Audience – Not Other Lawyers

As I have read lawyer websites over the years this may be my number one pet peeve – lawyers writing content that is clearly drafted with other lawyers in mind – not your potential clients.  We lawyers many times seem to have a desperate need to have other lawyers think we are smart.  You are smart, but it isn’t other attorneys you should be trying to convince of this.  Help the potential client understand how well you know your stuff and in the process convince them that you are the lawyer for them.

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  1. Kyle Smith

    If Google Analytics is telling you that your bounce rate is 3%, something is not working right. You should consult with an SEO expert or check the settings on your website. I don’t think a bounce rate that low is possible with a law firm website. Realistically, your bounce rate is probably above 40%.

    • John Skiba

      Hi Kyle:

      Thanks for following up on this. I did some research on this after I saw your comment and I think you are correct. I read that anything below 10% likely means that the code has been duplicated and throwing the numbers off. I am having my web guys make an adjustment. Hopefully it doesn’t throw my numbers off too much :). Thanks for the heads up on that.

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