JDB 085: Proven Strategies for Getting Clients NOW!


My practice is proof that creating a robust content marketing strategy and then following through on it can be very effective and profitable in building a law practice.

But it takes time – a lot of time.  And when bills are due sometimes time is not something you have the luxury of having.

Sometimes you need clients right now just to keep the doors open.

This past week I received an email from an attorney who recently left a large city and he and his family relocated to a new state where he didn’t have any connections.

His practice is up and going but so far he had made zero money over the last four months. In today’s episode I discuss some strategies for getting clients quickly while creating content for your website and ways to get offline to bring in clients now.

Specific strategies that are discussed:

  • Speaking to real estate agent groups and other professionals
  • Participating in your local bar’s pro bono projects
  • Finding local professionals on LinkedIn and taking them to lunch to develop referral sources.
  • Joining your local bar’s referral network

Do you have any suggestions on ways to get clients in the office?  What has worked for you?


  1. Guy

    Bill should consider some contract work. Maybe attending 341 hearings for high volume firm or general civil or criminal coverage. It will serve two purposes. Some dough and will help foster relationships.

    • John Skiba


      That is a great idea that I should have mentioned on the podcast. I know a lot of attorneys that start their practice up by doing contract work. I have heard locally of attorneys using a company called Attorneys in Motion ( https://www.attorneysinmotion.com/ ) that matches up law firms needing coverage and attorney’s needing contract work. Great idea!

  2. Dan

    He should think about joining a local BNI. It is a business networking group and it has significantly helped my practice. It would also be a great way to get to know some local business owners.

    • John Skiba


      Thanks for the comment. When I first started I joined BNI and was a member for a number of years. One thing I did notice is that all BNI groups are not equal – some were much better at referrals than others. I made sure to visit other groups periodically to have greater reach. Great idea, thanks for sharing.

      • John,

        Locally we have several direct mail publications that are 80% to 90% ads but have some limited content. They struggle to get quality content and accept most any subject if it’s written well. I have provided an article every other month and was told they like my content and see an opportunity for me to continue. I get credit at the end of the article including my contact info. All I do is reformat some of my most popular blog posts so it’s not much work at all. Bottom line: free ad space.

  3. In addition to doing 341 contract work, I would advise BIll to network with local criminal defense lawyers about attending calendar calls. If he wants to stick to bankruptcy, he might log into ECF and identify pro se debtors and use direct mail to prospect (if that is allowed by local bar rules). He might also create a niche for himself as the lawyer who will handle 2nd and 3rd filings.

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