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Every year the day after Thanksgiving my father, Norm, and my brother, Todd, put together an float for the annual electric lights Christmas parade held in Spanish Fork, Utah. They are the co-owners of Skiba Auto Repair and for years have used the parade as a way to not only promote their business but to be an active participant in their community.


Spanish Fork, Utah Electric Light Parade


Skiba Auto Repair Float

On top of that it has been a great family activity where the extended family gather together to add lights and decorations to the float.

This year Skiba Auto decided they would have people (i.e. me and my siblings) walk along side the float and hound 1,000 glow-sticks – a big hit with the young kids watching the parade.

A couple of weeks after this parade we were back in Arizona and my daughters had the opportunity to walk with their dance group in the local Christmas parade here in Queen Creek, Arizona.

As I watched the parade here in Arizona I noticed many local businesses had entered the parade but had done very little when it came to actually putting a float together.  The Skiba Auto Repair float likely won’t be the Macy’s Day Parade any time soon but there is always an effort to create a float the family can be proud of.

Arizona Christmas Parade

Arizona Christmas Parade

Not so with most of the business entries in my local parade. Some simply put a ribbon on the hood of a truck and had people walk along side the truck handing out flyers with information about their business.

As I watched the Arizona parade I starting thinking back to the Utah parade and the different approach businesses had taken to promoting their business.

Skiba Auto Repair and the local Arizona business were both using the parade as a tool to promote their business; both were taking the time to have helpers hand out something to the parade attendees, however I believe the results achieved between these two approaches will be radically different for a simple reason – one approach was focused on the sale while the other was focused on creating a relationship with the potential customer.

Put Your Client First in Your Law Firm Marketing

I believe that in order for content marketing to be truly effective in your law practice you have to put the potential client first.

In my church each month members are invited to pay an offering to the church that will be used to help those struggling financially.

One time while discussing how much was appropriate to give an older and wiser man told me “you should give enough that it  is somewhat uncomfortable to write the check.”

The same approach can be taken when creating content for your potential clients – create content that shares so much valuable legal information that you are almost uncomfortable in sharing it. 

Create content that shares so much valuable legal information that you are almost uncomfortable in sharing it.

If you are truly putting the client first the information in the content you share will hinge on providing so much information that the potential client may even start to think that it is not necessary to hire you to handle the problem.

When you get to that level of being helpful with your content you will find that people will view you as the authority in your area and not only will they make the decision to hire you, you will encounter fewer protests over your fees and they will gladly refer you to others facing legal difficulties.

An approach I take in writing articles for my blog is I ask myself, if I were searching for information on a similar problem would the article I just wrote be helpful or frustrate me because it was incomplete. Be helpful – the clients will come.

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