JDB 087: The Texas Law Hawk | Interview with Attorney Bryan Wilson

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Two videos.  Nearly two million views. To say that attorney Bryan Wilson’s videos have gone viral is an understatement. In fact, I would be surprised if every lawyer video ever made would have a combined total of two million views.

Wilson is a criminal defense attorney practicing in Fort Worth, Texas.  He and some of his friends had made videos in the past and decided to shoot a couple to help him with his new law practice.

The result was a pair of videos that the Dallas Sun Times called the “greatest advertisement known to mankind.”

Greatest advertisement known to mankind – Dallas Sun Times

Texas Law Hawk on the National Stage

The power of a viral video is seen in the incredible amount of press coverage Bryan has received.  He has been featured on Good Morning America, ABC News, NPR, Fox & Friends, Fox, Inside Edition, and even the Playboy Channel.  Every major online news site from the Huffington Post to New York Daily news has run stories on Bryan.

A quick Google search of “Texas Law Hawk” will show that Bryan’s videos have grown to the point where other lawyers and journalists are “newsjacking” him to gain some traction.

The Videos



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