JDB 095: Three Ways Attending a Conference Will Benefit Your Law Practice

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When it comes to completing our annual CLE requirement many lawyers take what we might call a “passive” learning approach to getting the required hours.  You scour the internet for the cheapest video course you can find on any random legal topic, hit play, and go back to your real work.  You get to check the box that your CLE hours are completed but did you really get anything out of it that can benefit your law practice?

In this episode of the podcast I discuss three reasons why you should consider revising your approach to continuing education and start attending both legal and non-legal conferences.  Sure there is more expense involved in traveling out of town or state to attend a conference, but as I discuss on the show the benefits can really help you stand out in a crowded legal niche and may point your law practice in a direction that you may not have considered.

Here are a few of the conferences I have attended or will be attending in the near future:

Law Related Conferences

Non-Law Related Conferences

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