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One of my favorite things to do is grab lunch with a local attorney and exchange ideas on what is working and not working when it comes to building a law practice. So much of marketing for solo and small firm attorneys is done by trial and error and it can really give you a head start to learn from those who have walked your path before you when it comes to building a successful law practice.

MP in SuitOn today’s show I interview California attorney Michael Primus.  Michael is bankruptcy lawyer with a background in marketing.  What I really enjoyed about this episode is that Michael is willing to share what has worked and what hasn’t.  His approach to marketing his law practice is not only focused online but Michael discusses some of the valuable strategies he has used when it comes to offline marketing such as direct mailing.  If you are looking for new tactics and tips for getting your name out there this is a can’t miss episode.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

  • Core Logic – Data information site used by Primus to purchase list of foreclosures.
  • SpyFu – research on what keywords your competitors are using.
  • Valpak – direct marketing

Introducing…JDBlogger Author

As a lawyer and business owner you wear a lot of hats and the one of thing you never have enough of is time.  Content marketing has leveled the playing field as to the reach solo and small firm lawyers have, however it takes time to create quality content.  Something has to give and most often it is marketing where solo lawyers let things slide.

It was with this in mind that I created JDBlogger Author – a Premium Content Marketing Creation service specifically designed to help increase the online JDBlogger Author Ghostwritingpresence of solo and small firm lawyers.  There is no question that content marketing will drive clients to your firm.  Let me help you put together a plan and assist you with creation of high quality informative content for your website and law firm blog.

I am offering a free  30 minute marketing strategy session to kick things off.  Click HERE to learn more and to sign up.



  1. John,

    Great show as they all are. At the end you guys mentioned needing help with direct mail — finding a company to pull the names and addresses of folks who have been sued.

    I’ve been doing this for years in Alabama and it is very profitable. I represent consumers sued by debt collectors.

    I used to do it in house but now use Postali to do this. They are a good group of guys and they pull the data and send out the letters automatically, use tracking numbers, etc. Here is a link — http://www.postali.com/legal-marketing-services/direct-mail-campaign/

    Give them a shout, unless you live in Alabama. 🙂

    Great show — keep up the excellent articles/podcasts!

    John Watts

    • John Skiba


      Thanks for the great tip and your willingness to share. I checked out there site and this may be the very thing I have been looking for. Again, I appreciate it.

      • You are welcome! Good guys over there.

        Keep the shows coming — I only get frustrated with you when I don’t see a new episode on my iPhone. 😉

        Seriously you do a great job….

        John Watts

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