JDB 103: Should You Use a Trade Name for your Law Firm?

law firm trade name

I am currently going through the process of changing the name of my law firm.  For nearly nine years I have operated under the name Skiba Law Group but have now changed my law firm name to the Arizona Consumer Law Group.  This changed was spurred by a change in the ethics rules here in Arizona to allow law firms to use trade names.  In this episode I discuss the two reasons I have for changing my law firm name and why I think you should consider it as well.

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  1. george

    Does the Az. State Bar have an issue with using “Arizona” in the firm name. Any input from the bar on whether this gives the potential client the impression that you are a government entity?

    • John Skiba

      Hi George:

      Thanks for the comment. The AZ State Bar does not have a formal approval process for trade names. The rule basically says it that name cannot be misleading and can infer a connection with a government agency or other non-profit group. I have checked other names that are being used and my finding was that the use of “Arizona” alone was not a cause of concern. I think it I had named the firm “Arizona Consumer Protection Agency” or used the word “Bureau” there would have been an obvious problem due to certain state agencies here in Arizona. Based upon my research I think the name should be ok. I guess time will tell :).

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