JDB 104: Top Ten Productivity Tools for Solo Lawyers

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A few weeks ago I was interviewed on Jim Hart’s podcast, Legal Marketing Made Easy about my online courses that are designed to provide legal information to consumer dealing with debt problems.  Since then I have received some emails asking how I set up my courses and some of the tools that are used to deliver the product to the customer.

In this episode I discuss not only the tools I use for create and distribute my online resources, but I also discuss some of the productivity tools I use in my law practice to keep my email under control (barely) and communicate more effectively with my team.

Zippy Courses : Right now my courses associated with The Consumer Warrior Project are created and distributed through Zippy Courses.  This is a great program that is really an all-in-one product that will walk you through setting up your course and selling it to your customers.  As of this episode they have to price points – $199 and $299 depending on what features you are looking for.

Rainmaker Platform :  I am in the process of converting The Consumer Warrior Project site over to the Rainmaker Platform.  This platform allows you to create the website using great looking templates but also has some very powerful tools to help you create and distribute your course and implement other media formats such as a podcast.

Screenflow /Camtasia :  I use Screenflow to record my Keynote/PowerPoint presentations that I turn into the online informational courses I sell to customers.  Camtasia can be used on PC.  These programs make it very easy to create online course material as the record both your computer screen and your voice over audio.

Logitech C930e 960-000971 USB 2.0 1920 x 1080 Video Webcam :(affiliate link):  I use this camera to record some of the course material where I would like my image to be included in the presentation.  Great camera with great picture.


Email Productivity Tools for Lawyers

Email is a never ending battle.  I have seen the typical lawyer email inbox and it usually consists of hundreds (if not thousands) of unread emails.  Here are a few of the products I use to try and tame this beast!

Boomerang for Gmail  :  Boomerang had two great features: (1) it allows you to schedule when an specific email will actually be sent out, and (2) it allows you take a received email and have it go away and “boomerang” back and a specific time.

Have you ever been powering through your emails trying to get everything responded to but as you respond to an email you get two more.  It is a never ending cycle of email hell!  Boomerang allows you write the email response and then schedule the time when it goes out.  I will often draft responses to numerous emails and then have them scheduled to go out a couple hours later.  That way I can get through drafting my responses without the client sending back an immediate response or other client email interrupting me.

The “boomerang” feature is great for an email that comes in and is not important right now but something you should review at a later date.  When you “boomerang” the email it takes it out of your inbox and then has it reappear at a later time or day of your choosing.

Sidekick :  Sidekick is a great way to know if your emails have been delivered and opened by the recipient.  For instance, if you are have sent your client an email that is time sensitive but haven’t received a response, you could check to see if your client has even opened the email and if not follow up with a phone call.

Sanebox : There are a lot of products out there to help you keep your inbox organized.  I have found Sanebox to be one of the best.  It allows you to filter your email into various folders and you can even train your inbox to filter certain types of emails to a specific folder leaving your main inbox free from clutter.

Communication Tools 

Evernote:  I downloaded the Evernote app many years ago but until recently never did much with it.  After reading some books on how to use this tool I decided to give it another try.  I have since upgraded to the Premium version and I love it.  It is a great tool for organizing notes, audio files, photos, and even clippings from internet sites that I want to circle back to later.

Slack :  This is a great tool that my office recently started using that allows you to instant message between team members in your office.  There is also an app so you can take it on the road with you while you are in court.  We have found it a great way to keep everybody communicating on the various projects and to answer questions without having to send additional emails or text messages.

Wunderlist :  One of the main things that keeps me up at night is worry about deadlines, tasks, and assignments.  I recently started using Wunderlist as a way to keep track of what assignments/tasks need to be done, who they are assigned to, and whether or not they have been completed.  Highly recommend this tool from both solo attorneys and small firms.

Introducing…JDBlogger Author

As a lawyer and business owner you wear a lot of hats and the one of thing you never have enough of is time.  Content marketing has leveled the playing field as to the reach solo and small firm lawyers have, however it takes time to create quality content.  Something has to give and most often it is marketing where solo lawyers let things slide.

It was with this in mind that I created JDBlogger Author – a Premium Content Marketing Creation service specifically designed to help increase the online JDBlogger Author Ghostwritingpresence of solo and small firm lawyers.  There is no question that content marketing will drive clients to your firm.  Let me help you put together a plan and assist you with creation of high quality informative content for your website and law firm blog.

I am offering a free  30 minute marketing strategy session to kick things off.  Click HERE to learn more and to sign up.



  1. Thank you for sharing what you have learned with the rest of us! I have one question about this particular episode. What kind of microphone do you use for your podcasts and classes? I am also a Mac user, if that makes a difference. Thank you, again.

    • John Skiba

      Hi Deborah: For my podcast I use the Heil PR40 microphone and for the courses I use a lapel mic – the Sennheiser ew100 G3. Whether you use a Mac or PC shouldn’t make a difference when it comes to microphones.

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