JDB 105: Jerod Morris | How to Build Online Authority

How to Build OnlineAuthority (2)

This past January I had the great opportunity to hear Jerod Morris speak at the Lawyer Forward conference in Austin, Texas.  Jerod is the VP for Marketing for Rainmaker Digital and the host of three podcasts –  The Showrunner, The Digital Entrepreneur, and The Assembly Call.

In his talk at Lawyer Forward, Jerod spoke on the difference between building authority with your online presence as opposed to building celebrity.  In this episode we dive deeper into the topic of how to build your online authority and specifically how a podcast can help you do that.

Building an online authoritative presence is essential for lawyers who are successful at marketing their law practice.  This is a “can’t miss” episode to help you develop your online marketing strategy.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode



showrunner jdblogger podcast


Assembly Call JDBlogger

Rain Maker Platform



I am currently in the process of moving my Consumer Warrior Project online courses over to the Rainmaker platform.  In an upcoming episode I will discuss how the process went and how the new site is performing overall.


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