JDB 111: Tools of the Trade | Amazing Teleprompter App for Video Marketing

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 Today’s tool of the trade is Prompt Smart.  If you have built up the courage to start creating videos as a part of your law firm’s content marketing plan then you no doubt have suffered through the starts and stops and complete screw ups as you try and get the words out.

This leads to time-consuming multiple takes and makes editing the video that much more difficult.  I thought that purchasing a teleprompter would solve my problem however I quickly became discouraged when I jumped on Amazon and saw how expensive the typical teleprompter was.

Then I came up on a teleprompter app that would work with my iPad – Prompt Smart.  Prompt Smart is a voice guided teleprompter app that follows along at as you speak the words appearing on the screen.  This is one of those few products out there that simply works.  No matter how slow or fast I speak the words the Prompt Smart app keeps pace and keeps me on track.

I create videos out of my written blog articles by uploading the text file right into the Prompt Smart app, record the video, do some minor edits, and it is ready for YouTube.  This app will cut your video production time in half.  And if you are a little apprehensive about getting in front of the camera this will make the process quite a bit easier.


While you could very easily prop up your iPad and read the text directly off of it, another inexpensive tool I found was this handy teleprompter that will hold the iPad (it also holds my iPhone 6 Plus just fine) and will reflect the words on your iPad up onto a piece of glass for you to read off of.

It also has a platform behind the glass to set your camera up so you can look directly into the camera as you are reading the text. Click on the picture below to get more information (affiliate link):


Do You Have a “Tool of the Trade” You Would Like to Share?

Tools of the Trade JDBloggerDo you have a tool that you use in the marketing or management of your law practice that would be helpful to the JDBlogger community?  Shoot me an email at [email protected] or hit me up on twitter @JohnSkiba and we might be able to get it on the show!

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