JDB 112: Marc Cerniglia | There is More to Internet Marketing than Google

Google and JDBlogger Podcast

Too often thMarc Cerniglia on JDBlogger Podcaste sole focus of our law firm’s online marketing efforts is reaching the coveted first page of the Google search engine results page (SERP).  On this episode of the podcast I interview Marc Cerniglia, the co-founder of Spotlight Branding, a company dedicated to helping attorneys not only with achieve their Google aspirations, but to truly create an internet foundation to set the stage for long-term growth.

Marc’s mantra is that there is more to online marketing than Google and in this episode we discuss how:

– Most lawyers only get about 1/3 of the referrals they could be from people they already know (yet, we are still scraping and paying tons of money to get leads from Google, meanwhile most lawyers are not even maximizing referrals)
– The idea of building an internet foundation, and how the internet is tied to all your marketing (example, having a great website and an email newsletter increases the ROI of basic marketing lawyer already do such as networking).
– Too much focus on SEO…having blogs, video, social media, etc…main purpose of those things is not SEO..but is branding and building credibility
Finally, Marc provides highly valuable advice on why you should have an e-newsletter for your law firm, how to set it up, and ways it can bring new work into your law office.
Spotlight Branding has generously provided the following resources to JDBlogger listeners:

If you have questions about your online presence feel free to reach out to Marc to see how Spotlight Branding can assist you. Marc can be reached at  [email protected]

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Rocket Matter and JDBlogger PodcastI am excited to welcome Rocket Matter as the newest sponsor of the JDBlogger Podcast.  I started my solo law practice in 2011 and from the beginning have used Rocket Matter as my sole CRM to manage everything related to my clients.

On this episode I discuss some of the great resources that Rocket Matter offers and provide you with a special offer for JDBlogger listeners.  Learn more about Rocket Matter by clicking HERE.


  1. Hey John

    Like you, I have a volume practice and do free consultations. For those that do not hire me on the spot, I make some notes to my staff. Many, of course, are not suitable for various reasons but for those that want to think about it or whatever I do 3 things:
    1. Send then out with a folder that has a list of what they need to bring, a fee quote and an FAQ packet. The folder is a tangible item I hope they keep.
    2. My staff follows up with a call in a few days. We call a couple times but often people are not answering their phone or don’t recognize the number and assume it’s a bill collector. Doesn’t work very well but we try.
    3. I just started experimenting with an email sequence and I hope this will help bring people back. The emails invite people to get back to us and address common concerns. Essentially repurposed blog posts.

    Many thanks for all you do. Much of what I do is directly or indirectly as a result of your podcast.

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