Law Firm Christmas Cards are Lame

Law Firm Christmas Cards are LameEvery holiday season I would get the stack.  A huge stake of blank of Christmas cards that I needed to sign to send out to the firm’s clients so that they would know we liked them and wanted their business – or at least that was the thought behind them.  So, I would spend an hour scribbling my name next to the other members of the firm.  The cards were sealed and sent off to clients.

Christmas cards are part of the end-of-year routine for most firms.  Some law offices are really crazy and send out Thanksgiving cards.  Don’t get me wrong, I like a good Christmas card as much as the next guy, I just don’ think clients care much if their lawyer sends them a Christmas card.  The thing is most firms send out bland, robo-signed cards that don’t mean a thing to the client.  With few exceptions my relationship with clients is exactly that, an attorney-client relationship.  It is a professional relationship were there isn’t much mingling going on in any other venue.  And because of that there are betters ways to solidify your relationship with past clients that can guarantee you that they will think of your firm first next time a legal issue pops up.

Valuable, Free Information

Typically the relationship with your client started because they needed something (legal advice) and you were able to provide that for them.  This is the gift you can give all the year through to your clients.  Valuable information that will help them in their business or their personal lives.  And the kicker is you need to give it to them for free.  Each week on your blog write an article with your clients in mind.  Write something that you know they will find beneficial.  Don’t try and sell them something.  Just be helpful.

These types of blog articles are easy to write.  Take out a pad of paper and write down the most often asked questions you get from potential clients in consultations.  Then, write a blog post for each of them.  Ask your clients if you can email these articles to them or put an opt-in box on your website that will allow your clients to sign up to receive updates from your office.  A good service provider that makes this very easy is AWeber.  Check them out.


I know the thought of putting together a newsletter is exhausting.  But it is easier to do now then ever before.  You can take the blog articles you write and put them into one email newsletter and send that out to your clients.  If you are focused on providing your clients with solid, real-world, practical information, your relationship with your client will remain strong and when a new legal issues arises, they will think of you and the how beneficial you have been to them without charging the a penny.

AWeber can help you put together a weekly or monthly newsletter.  It converts your blog posts into email newsletters without any additional work on your part.

The law firm Christmas card, like a yellow page ad, is a vestige of a by gone era.  If you really appreciate your clients, then give them what they really want from you and your firm – valuable information that will help them in their business or personal life.

What do you do for your clients for holiday season?

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