JDB 116: Josh Brown | How to Build a National Law Practice with a Podcast

Josh Brown, Franchise Euphoria JDBlogger

In the world of podcasting there are a surprisingly high number of lawyers and ex-lawyers hosting and producing podcasts. Brian Clark, CEO of Copyblogger and host of the Unemployable podcast, Jordan Harbinger, host of the Art of Charm podcast, and Brett McKay the host of the Art of Manliness podcast – are all former lawyers.

But there are few lawyers who use podcasting as a way of building and growing their law practice.  One lawyer who has demonstrated that a podcast can not only help a law practice grow but thrive is Josh Brown.

Josh Brown is a franchise attorney and founder of The Law Office of Josh F. Brown. While based in Indiana, he has built a thriving national practice helping people make smart franchise decisions, identify good franchise systems, work through franchise legal challenges, and grow through the franchise model.

He speaks, blogs, writes articles and white papers, and is the proud creator and host of his very own podcast entitled, “Franchise Euphoria,” a top-rated podcast on iTunes. Josh also has been recognized as a Rising Star in the Indiana legal community and by The Franchise Times on a national level as a Franchise Legal Eagle.

In this episode Josh shares with us his insights into how powerful a podcast can be in building your law practice and the benefits of finding a niche in the law.

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