JDB 121: Tools of the Trade | Creating Voice Memos with DropVox

Dropvox JDBlogger

Any attorney that runs a consumer-based law practice knows that the there is a never ending need for clients – and the larger the volume the better.  In my law practice I always welcome new clients but noticed that the more clients I got the more difficult it was to remember all of the details and tasks associated with each client.  I have tried every note keeping app under the sun and found that often they took more time than I could devote to keeping regular notes on each file.

Then I found DropVox.  DropVox is a voice memo recording app that is currently available only for iOS devices.  What it does is simply record the voice memo and then automatically uploads the .mp3 file to your Dropbox account.

I have set up a designated file in Dropbox where all voice memos are uploaded and then my legal assistant goes through the file once a day and moves the .mp3 file into each client’s file.  Then, when that potential client comes back two weeks later and wants to hire me I have all of the notes I need to get working on the case without having to sit down and review the entire matter again with the client.  Check out this week’s Tool of the Trade – DropVox.

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