JDB 125: Stephen Fairley, The Rainmaker Institute | Take Your Law Practice to the Next Level

Take Your Law Practice to the Next Level
Stephen Fairley on JDBlogger

In this episode I interview Stephen Fairley, CEO of The Rainmaker Institute, the nation’s largest law firm marketing company.  Mr. Fairley is the best-selling author of twelve books, is a nationally recognized expert in social marketing, blogging, and internet marketing for lawyers, and has trained over 18,000 lawyers on how to build a better law practice.

Starting a solo law practice can be difficult.  Taking things to the next level and building a business out of your law firm is something that law school certainly didn’t teach you how to do and many lawyers struggle to take that next step.  In this episode of the podcast we discuss:

  • The three stages of law firm development
    • Your Law Firm as a Job
    • Your Law Firm as Practice
    • Your Law Firm as a Business
  • Factors the lead to increased revenues

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