JDB 129: 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Solo Law Practice

When I was thinking of applying to law school I decided to reach out to the few lawyers I knew and get their opinion on the practice of law and any pointers they might have for a wanna-be lawyer.

Looking back I realized that everyone of them lied to me! They glossed over the many difficulties in law practice and magnified the benefits.

In this episode I give you five things that I wish someone would have shared with me prior to starting my own solo law practice.


  1. Hey John, love the podcast! I try to listen every week. This one particularly resonated with me, especially the part about NOT checking email when you get home. Truth is almost nothing good ever happens by doing so. It can ruin your entire evening, affect your ability to sleep, and/or ability to be “present” with your family. Also, answering emails outside of business hours can indeed “train” clients to think you are basically Judy the Time-Life operator who is always there for them 24/7. I’ve decided to add something about that in our client handbook. Keep up the great work!

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