JDB 134: Aaron George | How to Use Email Newsletters to Build Your Law Firm

How to use Email Newsletters to Build Your Law Practice
090616 Aaron George Photo

In this episode I interview Aaron George on how to use email newsletters to build your law practice.  Aaron is the co-founder of Lexicata and recently wrote a great article on how email newsletters can be a powerful tool to cultivate new work as well as keep your current clients updated on your firm and areas of the law that can be of help.

In this episode you will find information on how to

  • Choose the right email software and what tools to look for
  • Build your email list
  • How to segment your email list to improve your response rate
  • How to determine what type of content you should put in your newsletter
  • How often you should send the newsletter out for maximum effectiveness

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Below are some of the resources mentioned in this show –


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