JDB 149: JDBlogger 4th Anniversary!


Four years ago, on December 5, 2012, I launched the first episode of the JDBlogger Podcast.  Over the years the podcast has grown and a community has developed of like-minded attorneys helping each other out in growing and managing their law practices. In this episode I discuss where the podcast has come from and where we are going in 2017.


(Launching January 5, 2017)

I am excited to announce the launching of JDBlogger Pro – a membership group focused on helping attorneys build a successful and profitable law practice. JDBlogger Pro will be focus on three main areas: Collaboration, Education, and Inspiration.


A major part of being a member of the JDBlogger Pro group will be active participation in a mastermind group. The group will hold virtual meetings online two times per month where we will discuss in depth our law practices, strategies, tactics, and set goals for greater achievement. Only those that can commit to working in this type of group environment should apply for membership.


Over the years I have spent countless hours and dollars on learning the strategies and approaches to building a better law practice. This part of JDBlogger Pro will be focused on educating lawyers on both the strategies and tactics of managing and marketing a law practice including step-by-step “how to” videos.


Building a successful law practice can be a long and difficult road. The JDBlogger Pro group will not only be there for support from each other, but guest interviews will be held monthly of successful lawyers and non-lawyers on what it takes to reach your goals and build a successful law practice.

JDBlogger Pro will help you overcome the challenges associated with building a law business but will require commitment on your part, both in time and a monthly participation fee.

If you have found yourself thinking that it is time to take your practice to the next level I hope you will consider joining us in JDBlogger Pro.

Because of what we are trying to accomplish with JDBlogger Pro there will be a limited number of attorneys that we can accept.

If you would like to start the application process to JDBlogger Pro CLICK HERE.  (This does not obligate you in any way).

Law Launcher Conference


I will be speaking at the Law Launcher conference to be held December 8-9, 2016.  This is a first of its kind virtual online legal conference focused on helping attorneys with technology, marketing, and building a law practice.  It is completely FREE to attend.  If you would like to register you can click here.

Other speakers include Carolyn Elefant (My Shingle), Sam Glover (Lawyerist), Dan Lear (Avvo), Joshua Lenon (Clio), and many more.

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