JDB 150: Jim Bert, ApexChat | How to Use Live Chat to Increase Conversions on Your Law Firm Website

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In this episode I interview Jim Bert and Ken Lee of ApexChat.

A few months ago I started using a live chat feature on my law firm website. I had been told that using live chat was a great way to increase conversions and leads from a website. I was skeptical at first in that I typically don’t use live chat very often when I visit websites, however after a few weeks of running the chat box on my website I was pleasantly surprised at how many visitors to the site actually used the chat feature.

In my discussion with Jim and Ken I have learned that there is a lot more science behind the live chat feature and studies have shown that the conversion rate of visitors to a website increase significantly when live chat is implemented.

ApexChat has put together a great offer for listeners of the JDBlogger Podcast – if you want to learn more about what ApexChat can do for your firm click HERE.

If you want to dive deeper into how live chat can help your practice click below to download ApexChat’s white paper on the topic:

“How to Use Live Chat to Increase Conversion”

Announcing – JDBlogger Pro


This is always an exciting time of year where you can no only look back on the year to see what you accomplished but be able to plan and prepare for the new year and how you can make it your best year yet!

I am proud to announce that on  January 5, 2017 I will be launch JDBlogger Pro – a mastermind group designed for entrepreneurial attorneys who are looking for a group to help them take their practice to the next level.

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