JDB 152: JDBlogger 2016 Year in Review


Authority. Search. Systems. In this episode I share three interviews from the past year with Jerod Morris (Copyblogger/Rainmaker Institute), Mike Ramsey (Nifty Law), and Richard James (Partners Club) who will walk you through the process of building authority online, how to excel at local search, and how to implement systems to make your marketing and workflow more productive.

JDB 105: Jerod Morris | How to Build Online Authority

JDB 118: Mike Ramsey | Winning at Local Search

JDB 143: Richard James | How to Implement Systems into Your Law Firm to Achieve Measurable Results


This is always an exciting time of year where you can no only look back on the year to see what you accomplished but be able to plan and prepare for the new year and how you can make it your best year yet!

I am proud to announce that on January 5, 2017 I will be launch JDBlogger Pro – a mastermind group designed for entrepreneurial attorneys who are looking for a group to help them take their practice to the next level.

If you want more information on how to apply to JDBlogger Pro – click HERE.

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