JDB 153: What Will Be Your Story in 2017?


Happy New Year! I always love the beginning of new year and the opportunity to start again, try different approaches, and recommit myself to building my law practice.

In this episode of the podcast I share some ideas I have had about finding the story of your business and how you can use that story to build your law practice.

I also share some of the things I learned from you father and brother who operate an auto repair shop. Please check out the article I wrote about Skiba Auto Repair below:


What My Mechanic Taught Me About Social Media


This is always an exciting time of year where you can no only look back on the year to see what you accomplished but be able to plan and prepare for the new year and how you can make it your best year yet!

I am proud to announce that on January 5, 2017 I will be launch JDBlogger Pro – a mastermind group designed for entrepreneurial attorneys who are looking for a group to help them take their practice to the next level.

If you want more information on how to apply to JDBlogger Pro – click HERE.

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