JDB 165: Luke Ciciliano | Is Uber Killing Your Law Practice?

How does Uber impact the number of DUI cases handled by criminal defense law firms? What about the impact of self driving cars on personal injury practice? What about cultural trends like fewer people getting married – how is that going to impact family law firms?

In this special episode I interview Luke Ciciliano, founder of SEO for Lawyers, on his research and warning that solo and small firm lawyers might very well find themselves out of business due to an over supply of lawyers, a reduction in demand for legal services, as well as cultural and technological changes.

Luke provides valuable insight and data into shifts that will impact attorneys and offers solutions that you can implement today to safeguard your firm from advances in technology.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:


  1. Great content. John, we really don’t mind the longer episodes. More shows about efficiency, streamlining the practice, effective daily task management, productivity hacks, etc would be great. Keep up the great work, and thanks again for all you do.

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