JDB 173: Joel Miller | The Family Law Coach – Building a Law Practice with Legal Coaching Services


During his 50 years of practicing family law Canadian attorney Joel Miller was aware of the large number of family law litigants that represented themselves in court, but it was only after he retired from the full time practice of law that Miller found a way to assist self represented individuals attempting to navigate the court system on their own.

Enter “The Family Law Coach,” an innovative approach adopted by Miller to assist those self-represented family law litigants who need a helping hand in navigating the court process.

In this episode of the JDBlogger Podcast I interview Joel about The Family Law Coach, why he decided to start this type of practice, the reaction of clients and the local bar of attorneys, and why you should consider offering legal coaching in your law practice.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Legal Services Corporation – 2017 Justice Gap Report

The Family Law Coach Website

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