Why Now is the Time to Start Your Legal Podcast | Live from New Media Expo!

2013-01-06 21.55.10 (768x1024)I am writing this week’s posts live from the New Media Expo (NMX) in Las Vegas.  Day one is in the can and I thought I would write about some of the things I have learned today and how they can help you in your legal marketing efforts.

Lately I have been reading a lot about the number of graduates law schools are pumping out each year, the lack of jobs, and the increase in competition.  More and more it is becoming difficult to stand out.

As I was driving through Las Vegas today I saw numerous (more than what I see in most cities) billboards advertising legal services.  Years back I looked into what it cost to put up a billboard and the cost was outrageous.  And worse, while the attorneys who are paying for these giant ads will likely think different and unique, all of the lawyer billboards I saw looked the same.

When I see a billboard I see a ton of money being thrown down the drain and a misguided marketing approach.

As more and more attorneys get into social media, websites, and blogging, it can be more and more difficult to find your unique voice that will draw clients to your practice.  However there is still one medium that when it comes to legal marketing is still pretty scarce – podcasting.

900 to 1

In one of the sessions at NMX today there was a representative from Libsyn.  Libsyn is a company that can host your podcast and assist with the distribution of the podcast.  I use them for both of my podcasts.  This representative said that bloggers outnumber podcasters 900 to 1!  That is an incredible number.

Further, go on over to iTunes and search the podcast directly for the keyword “lawyer” or “attorney”.  You will find that there are relatively few attorneys using audio to market their practice (and will also find that there are many attorneys who are good at starting a podcast but not so great and keeping the podcast going).

Right now you have the rare opportunity of getting in on what could still be considered the ground floor of something.  It is widely thought that podcasting is on the verge of going mainstream.  Almost everyone has a device, whether it be a smart phone, iPad, or whatever, that they can listen to your podcast on.  Now is the time.  Podcasting is the way to make your law practice stand out among the sea of billboards.

What is stopping you from starting a podcast?


  1. Great post, John – awesome advice. There are indeed SO many podcasts on iTunes that haven’t had a new show in months or years or only posted just a few episodes and then gave up.

    I bet the 900:1 ratio is even more skewed if you took into account the people who produce podcasts regularly. So much opportunity in this space.

    • John Skiba


      I agree. It is pretty amazing when you actually click on many podcasts how many of them haven’t been updated in months and even years.

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