Is Blogging Art?

Is Blogging Art?

There are a lot of reasons why we as lawyers blog.  From the get-go I started blogging for one purpose – to show potential clients why I should be their attorney.  But the longer I blog and podcast and use social media to market my law practice my motivations – at least partially- have evolved.

Recently I conducted an interview New York attorney Gerry Oginksi about the use of video in the marketing of his law practice.  After the interview we had a chance to talk about why we use tools like video, blogging, and podcasting and why we enjoy it.

I think Gerry hit it on the head when he said he really enjoyed the creative process of producing the videos.  I agree.  Writing a blog article, thinking up topics, titles, and all that goes with blogging.  Same goes with podcasting.

The process of creating a product that you hope will have an impact on others is a big reason that I choose to market my law practice through new media.  The fact that it just happens to be the most effective and least expensive way to drive business to my office is one of the many benefits.

Often the practice of law is not great for creation.  Law, by its very nature, is full of contention.  Fighting between you and opposing counsel.  Client v. Client.  Lawyer v. Client.  Sometimes it is simply nice to do something a little less tense and use different parts of our brain.

I recently started reading Seth Godin’s new book, The Icarus Deception.  While I am not all the way through the book, what I have read so far is great.  A main theme of this book is that the new “connected economy” we are now living in demands that we make art and will reward nothing else.

Here art is not used in the traditional sense, but more as the product of who we are as people.  In this context, as we create art in our blogs, podcasts, and videos the more we show of our human side the more successful we will be.

How does this apply to legal marketing?  The key to success in online marketing is that you must stand out from the crowd.  Don’t write another synopsis of the latest court of appeals case.  No one cares.  No one is reading them (other than the attorney who is trying to get some quick legal research done by jumping on Google!).

If your goal is to reach out and make a connection with a person so that person will trust you enough to call you and even hire you to handle what is usually one of the most stressful events of their lives, then you need to be human.  You need to connect with that person.

And if you are able to do that, that might just be art…

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