JDB 006: Gordon Firemark | Podcaster to the Stars!


In today’s episode I interview entertainment lawyer Gordon Firemark.  Gordon is a true pioneer in the area of lawyer podcasting with podcasts starting back in 2005.  He currently produces and hosts the Entertainment Law Update, a podcast for artists and professionals in the entertainment industries.  He is also the author of The Podcast, Blog and New Media Producer’s Legal Survival Guide.

In this episode Gordon shares his tips and secrets to creating a good workflow in preparing for and producing a podcast.  You will also learn tips on how to attract advertisers to your legal podcast and other monetization tips.  Whether you are preparing to start a podcast or have been producing one for years Gordon provides several ideas that will help you be successful.

Tools of the Trade

The Tools of the Trade for this week are promoted posts in Facebook and Facebook Ads.  Many people are unaware that the status updates they enter on Facebook are typically only seen by about 16% of their Facebook friends.  For a business owner trying to get the word out on a product or service this simply isn’t a large enough number.  By ‘promoting’ your post you can get your post viewed by a significantly higher number of your friends or fans.  But it comes at a cost – $7 to be exact.iStock_000019667725XSmall

I have used promoted posts with a lot of success and when I need a lot of eyeballs on a particular post it is well worth the $7.

Another tool I use is Facebook Ads.  You can use them for various purposes, however I have used them to build my audience on my Facebook fan page for JDBlogger.  For many the problem isn’t that they aren’t producing great content; the problem is that it is not being exposed to enough people.  Through the use of Facebook ads you can build the number of ‘Likes’ on your fan page and increase the number of people who receive your content.

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