JDB 007: Help! What, Why, How. Learn the Fundamentals of Content Marketing


Many attorneys want to get online and market their practice but aren’t sure exactly where to start.  In this episode of the JDBlogger podcast I go over the fundamentals of content marketing and what you need to know to build your online platform.

Specifically I address what content marketing is – and maybe more importantly what it is not.

Next we will discuss why you should build your law firm brand on line, what your motivations need to be to be successful, and some tips on what it takes to build relationships of trust with potential clients.

Finally, I will go over some of the “how” when it comes to building your brand.  What platforms are ideal for blogging, podcasting, and video, and what the most effective methods are for spreading the word about your great legal content!

Tools of the Trade

This week’s Tool of the Trade is Istockphoto.com.  A key component of any blog and website is the visual.  A quality picture can draw people in to read your article when they otherwise might pass right on by.  In the podcast I discuss why I stopped using Flickr for my photos even though they are free and Istockphoto is not.


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