JDBlogger Podcast Featured on Podcast Answer Man!

CliffYesterday when I was driving home from the office I was listening to Cliff Ravenscraft‘s podcast the Podcast Answer Man.  It was a great surprise to hear that Cliff had chosen the JDBlogger Podcast as his “Personal Plug of the Week”.  Cliff discusses this podcast in episode #293 at the 4:40 point.  You can access this episode by clicking HERE.

If you haven’t listened to the Podcast Answer Man before you really need to make it one of the regular podcasts you listen to.  Even if you aren’t currently producing your own podcast you will take a lot of away from each of the episodes.  There are many business tips in additional to great content on podcasting.  Cliff has been podcasting for years and has recorded over 3,000 episodes of his various podcasts!

Cliff also had kind words for the layout of the JDBlogger website.  I have to give it to my webdesign team at Rowboat Media – Cynthia that the gang did a great job!

It was an honor to be featured on his show. Thanks Cliff!

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