How to Get People to Like You | At Least on Facebook

Facebook for LawyersIt seems every business wants you to “like” them on Facebook. Do you ever wonder if it really matters?  What is the end result of all these “likes” and why should you care?

Initially, you can create a Facebook page for your law firm.  Next, you can use this Facebook page as an outpost where you can interact with ‘fans’ of your firm and drive people back to your law firm website.

The more people that ‘like’ your Facebook page, the more people will see the status updates you post on it.  Think of people who like your law firm Facebook page like you think of friends on your personal Facebook page.

So, once you get your fan page up and running, the next step is to get people to like you.  I started the JDBlogger Facebook page at the beginning of this year.  The first step I took was to let my personal Facebook friends know about my new page.

Getting People to Like You

In the Admin section of your law firm page there is a button labeled “Build Audience” with a drop down menu.  The drop down menu has a few options including inviting your current Facebook friends and email contacts.  This is a good place to start.  Your personal Facebook friends will receive an invitation to ‘like’ your page.  By taking this first step I got an immediate 100 ‘likes’.

Because more ‘likes’ means a larger audience for your content, you want as many people to like your page as you can.  You can get more likes and more exposure to your office by creating an ad.

This can be done in the same “build audience” drop down menu.  Under the “Create an Ad” option you can easily put together an ad to promote your law practice page.  This ad will show up in both the news stream as well as the ads listed on the right hand side of the screen on Facebook.

Open Up Your Pocketbook

Running these ads is not free.  You can set a daily budget of a minimum of $5 per day on up.  The more you are willing to pay the more you likes you will get.

For the JDBlogger Facebook page I set a daily budget of $15 per day for two ads ($30 total).  I ran these ads for about a month and was able to swell my likes from about 100 to over 1000.  The cost was a little over $800.

I know that seems like a lot of money to spend on Facebook, but you need to think of what it actually gives you.  The more ‘likes’ you have the more people you can get your the content from your blog in front of.  The more people that see and read your content, the more likely you will make a connection that will result in a new client.

Promoting Your Facebook Posts

While I won’t go into a lot of detail on promoting your posts it is important to mention that just because I have over 1000 likes on my JDBlogger Facebook page doesn’t necessarily mean that my status updates are going to be seen by all 1000 fans.

In order to get my content in front of as many of the page fans as possible it is necessary to promote your post.  This also comes with a fee, generally $5-$20 per post.

This all may seem like a lot, but compared to the thousands many firms spend on self-declared SEO experts each month this is peanuts.

How have you used Facebook to market your law practice?

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