JDB 013: Richie Norton | Do Something Stupid

Richie Norton

Have you ever wanted to do something big but didn’t because you thought it was stupid – or were worried that someone else would think it was stupid?  In his new book The Power of Starting Something Stupid author Richie Norton teaches that it is the “stupid” ideas that have built companies and changed history.

I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this book and found the message inspiring and something that is badly needed in the legal arena.  If you are looking to venture out and start your own law practice, or even if you are looking to leave the law all together, The Power of Starting Something Stupid will give you the motivation you need to take that last step.

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At the end of the podcast listen for the offer to get your own copy of The Power of Starting Something Stupid absolutely free.  This offer will only last through Friday, March 8th!

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