JDB 014: Chris Bradley | The Art of Storytelling for Bloggers

Chris Bradley

If you have spent time at the popular legal blog Lawyerist.com then you will have no doubt read the work of my guest on the JDBlogger Podcast today, Chris Bradley.  Chris is a regular contributor to the Lawyerist blog, a legal marketer, and also practices law in Minnesota.

Chris is a big proponent of the use of storytelling telling as a way to connect with clients in both the practice of law and in the marketing of your law practice.

In this week’s podcast episode Chris will share his ideas on the new paradigm shift in legal marketing and provide tips you can implement today to make your law firm marketing efforts more effective.

Chris also expounds on his recent article “Start a Law Firm in Law School.”  For all of you law students out there Chris will discuss things you should be considering now before you graduate and tackle the bar.

Tools of the Trade

This week’s Tool of the Trade is ScreenFlow.  ScreenFlow is video editing software that allows you to record your computer desktop.  I recently used this software to record the video “Installing & Using the Apple Podcast App.

I also use this software to record instructional videos that can be used by my staff.  For example, in my bankruptcy law practice I use software to prepare the documents.  This software allows me to create an instructional video by recording my computer screen that can be used for employees to learn how to use the various software.

While ScreenFlow can only be used on Apple Computers, there is software that does the same thing for Windows called Camtasia.

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